Old Cisco 25xx routers

I was looking around on Craiglist and someone is giving away 11 "cisco 2500 family" routers. I did a little bit of looking and by the look of them they are very bad, I mean what more should I expect from them being so old. But I was wondering if I could use it for something. There would be 11 of them. My one of two issues are that he is about 54 miles away. If there is any thing that you could do with them, that would be good. This is what he said, where my other issue might come up. But the only thing that could be wasted is if they don't work, money on gas. If that were to happen I hope they look good.

"11 Cisco 2500 Series Routers
This used to be my CCNA mobile lab that I taught CCNA and CCNP with. They all still work as far as I know, but they have not been booted up for over 7 years.

These are free for someone that plans on using them and not reselling them."

They Would only be good for learning.
I Have 3 2500 Series switches,
One I use as a console access switch ( 8 Rj45 ports and i terminated my own rollover cables) and the other two I used as frame relay switches and i was investigating PPP mulit-link using asynchronous serial ports.