Old case- New rig (X99 Xeon 14-core ES rig) (Finished Build)

I've perhaps gone crazy, but decided to geta Xeon E5 2683 V3 Engineering Sample CPU and a motherboard+ram to go with it. Full list of parts is here:
On to the photos...

Old rig:

Motherboard and CPU arrived for the new rig:

New Rig:

(a bit messy, but it works well)

Heres my current full setup:

(due to winning one the 390X Devil, the total cost of this rig was/is around $1000 but if you were to build one like it it would be more like $1200 if you take into account eBay pricing of the 390 and 390X now compared to when I bought/got them )

Now... for some benches... The Cinebench score of this 14 core is absolutely AMAZING :D 1538 in CB R15.

Gaming wise, this CPU isn't all that great. The turbo speed of it (being an ES CPU) only will hit 2.6 Ghz, but it also only goes down to a minimum of 2.3 Ghz on all cores. Compared to a 3970X at 4 Ghz I saw a drop of about 5-15% in a wide variety of games, which is not too bad but not great either. (some poorly optimized games are a lot worse in performance).

I do have a couple of Timespy runs ready though, the first is with my 3970X and only 1 GPU being used(strange bug in my drivers, idk why only 1 GPU):

And this one, also with only 1 GPU being used, but with the ES CPU:

The CPU score difference is quite impressive- 3970X w/ 5331 and the 14-core at a score of 7871)

Also a random bench of 3dmark11 with the 14-core:

This PC is an absolute BEAST for rendering, and for game-streaming without even breaking a sweat (I bet this thing could stream 4k easily with little to no impact on gaming- I just have no way to test that out :P ) and for gaming, it's very powerful because of the GPU's and the quite decent processor. Will probably post more pics/benches as time goes on if anyone's interested.


Gaming benchmarks please?

I'll get there :) just trying to fix my GPUs not running in xfire on some tests... oddly, most games work fine.
Will run through the random titles I have that are worth testing tomorrow or at some later point :)

Run the CPUZ benchmark and make me cry

My score is the one in the lighter red, the darker red is a 5960X score

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So much rekt

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What games are you wanting to see? I have a lot :P I was thinking

Tomb Raider 2013
Crysis 2 Dx11
and others, but heres my steam library you can see what I have (also wtf discourse why u be like dis i don't want them zoomed in like crazy :P):

I also have BF3, BF4, and the Witcher 2 EE.

Talking about an old case, iv been working on this Antec P190 (From 2007) for a while now :P
There is a mixture of new and second hand parts but its coming along! Its not finished but i need to save for the second round of parts!

Mt previous case was this thing from 1998 lol:

The CM 690 II I got because it has awesome water-cooling and fan support, and was pretty inexpensive. I think it's from 2010? 2009? Tbh I'm not even sure :P

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Whatever games take advantage of extra cores would be interesting to see but 14 cores eh there is no game out there right now that takes advantage of that many. LOL!

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well, maybe a couple
like city sim games :P other than that yeah no lol


Hitman Absolution:

Metro LL Redux:

World of tanks- 1 GPU- average of 110 FPS on Ultra.


Shadow of Mordor:
Settings: Ultra except I turned tessellation off.


Hitman Absolution:

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Buy 1 get 1 free with your 390s? LOL! Anyway nice results and nice to see someone care about benchmarking at different resolutions.

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