Old 101key vs modern keyboard(keys quality)


I used to have one of those cheap like keyboards, and a lot of them. One day when they all finally died i went to the attic and i took an old 101key keyboard that was used in an office previously, and it was trashed as obsolete. So i found a din to ps/2 adapter and i plugged it into my pc. And now years later it still works! For a while there are present fancy gaming keyboard whit keys that sound loud like in that old keyboards, like the one i have. Has anyone ever compared that old 101key ibm like keyboads with modern cheap and gaming keyboards?

yeah, if you want flash go with the modern gaming keyboard. if you want quality, and a damn nice keyboard to type on, an old school mechanical keyboard. now the gaming companies are switching back to mechanical for their higher tier boards.

Old=gold for keyboards

just make some retr0brite and she'll look like the day she was made



I type alot better on an old keyboard. I can tell since I got the Model M and 2 of my Duckys compared against each other. I might be getting another old mechanical keyboard later I saw online... I think it'll have Alps switches (maybe Blue or White switches), but the owner only said that it clicks, plus, there isn't any pictures of the keyboard with at least one keycap pulled off.

The one i have it has a steel platet 1mm thick on the bottom, you could kill someone with that keyboard :D , Once i had to fix the scroll lock led, so i took it apart and i saw a huge 40pin dip chip which is the keyboard controller. I looked at it and it was a Intel 4048 mcu(Intels first mcu) and it dated to 1977, and it heats a lot :D. So if the chips dates to 1977, will the keyboard ever die? :D Ill keep typing and we will see.

As for the key sound it kinda cliks, but it is loud, especially when you type quickly.