Ok to Crossfire XFX 7950 with another brand?

Hi all,

       I want to do crossfire with my 7950, but I want to look for the lowest price possible. Generally, I've seen 7950's for about as low as $240. However, is it ok, stability wise, to crossfire with another brand? I've done this with an XFX 4870 and HIS 4870 years ago and the setup was not stable. I ended up selling the HIS card.

       I have seen tek syndicate and others crossfire the R9 280 and a different brand 7970, so I'm wondering that with the passage of time, technology and drivers have gotten better and crossfiring different brands is now a viable solution?

What do you guys think, any personal experiences?

Im currently crossfiring a Sapphire and MSI 7950. Brands don't matter.

As long as it's within the same chip. All 79xx cards will crossfire.

Edit: Damnit Skullabyss.

you can crossfire a 7950 with a 7970 or 7990, they are all the same architecture

on the amd side you only need the same core family and it will crossfire.

any tahiti core will crossfire no matter the brand

this means the an HIS 7950 will crossfire with an asus r29 280X

in short- YES it will crossfire with any other 7950 or 7970/280X as a matter of fact

Nice!!!! Thanks guys.