Ok sooo, new graphics card arrived : D

lol My 3870X2 clocks at 300 core and 1800 memory when i'm not ingame but goes into normal speeds which are overclocked to 878 core and 1910 memory

I don't have any problems when it's clocked down

Wait a minute...no backplate? :O

yea wut, i thought they came with one? :/

According to this prick; no they do not.


I've also read that the normal 260's comes with plate, and c216's comes without.. ghey.

Although, thumbs up for XFX to answer really quickly @ support, im like chatting with them...

mine should be here by Monday or Tuesday

That's just gay. Now I need to reconsider. I was considering buying these


They're 2 GTX 260's from XFX. Well pricedd, 216 shaders, and apparently, a backplate, but I don't know anymore. -_-

lol at XFX and if its the 55nm version, which im not sure because I dont know what XFX's looks like, it wont come with a back plate ifs its 55nm you dont need one because the ram chips are on the underside of the card appose to on the top, the back plate helps cool the ram better on the none 55nm versions

i really dont see the point? who cares if there is or isnt a back plate

Hmm it looks alot cooler, but I couldnt care less now.. always worth a shot to get a free one.

Now get a second one... Mr. [u]SLI[/u]