Ok I have a dilemma. 8350, i5 3570k

I was going to build an AMD FX 8350 PC for gaming. Ok, so I get a TigerDirect.com ad with my newspaper every Sunday and I see that the i5 3570k is on sale for $189.99. Now the AMD FX 8350 and i5 3570k are the same price. So my question now is which CPU and CPU Socket is more future proof?

The lga 1155 is esentially a dead socket. But i read an article the other day that said that amd is going to stick with the AM3+ socket for awhile longer. So based on that the fx-8350 will allow you to have more of an upgrade path.

OK, that's what I needed to know. Thanks :) New PC here I come!

I'd normally recommend the i5, but ever since they said the 9k series would be on am3+ i've been recommending the 8350. I'm not sure how much of a performance boost the next series of chips will offer but it should beat out the 3770k (hopefully) and will therefore offer up a better upgrade path.

Buy FX 8350 if you will going to stream and record games, great for editing and that... if not go buy FX 6300, its comparable to i5 3570k and in some cases outperforms it. Also FX 6300 is 90$ cheaper than i5 3570k so you can buy for that 90$ a good GPU or have an extra 90$ to your budget for GPU... If you plan like spend 150$ on a GPU, you would also have extra 90$ and you could buy a 240$ gpu... For 90$ you can buy great 8 1866 or 16Gb 1600 DDR3 RAM... 

It depends on what you want but FX 6300 is not superior but performs well and GPU is important for gaming and that. It sucks that Intel has like 90% of CPU market while AMD only has 9% and it makes me sad. AMD was a giant, he was then expensive but far better than Intel. Then those bastards from Intel started doing ilegall stuff, giving special discounts if they delay their AMD shipments of CPU's, some sabotages and that... Terrible, its nice to see that PS4 will use AMD's CPU and GPU's and Xbox 720 will also use AMD's GPU...

 Go buy FX 6300, its comparable to i5 3570k and in some cases outperforms it.

Wrong. It's better than the i3, but not even in the same league as the 3570k.

Oxy... Its comparable, maybe not much in performance but when we see the price of both of them... FX 6300 is 90$ cheaper so for the price its just awsome... Anyway Richland AMD CPU APU will be FM2 compatible!

I wouldnt really trust Anandtech etc.

i rather benchmark them myself or see it on youtube.

but the 6300 is really good if you over clock it.

You will save money in power by going Intel, but if you don't pay the power bill, 8350 with a 7870/7950 for days, man.


You will save money in power by going Intel, but if you don't pay the power bill, 8350 with a 7870/7950 for days, man.


Guys... We got a troll here... AMD CPU's are cheaper than Intel's. Because it speends more watts than your precious Intel that does not mean you will have 10 times larger bills you retard. You should never go full retard and you did, congratulations you fully retarded fanboy... ;)
The bills if you use AMD CPU compared to its equilavent will be 25% larger atleast or 50% if you overclock by a noticable margine like 0.5 to 1.0Ghz. So dont troll, do the research and try to calculate. It all depends how much eletricity costs in each country or area so STFU. If you are going to hate, atleast go buy a haterade at the corner store... Its on sale, its one dollar... its its one dollar... :) Thank you for buying it Crying Intel Fanboy Num #0019521673

Come know boys lets all be friends here, we are all pc gamers this aint no "console vs pc" thing. We are all on the same side......So with that said. I personally realize after watchibg logans video that the fx-8350 really doesnt add that much to your bills. With that said i'm building a gaming pc. I'm using msi twin froz 7950 and cant decide between i5-3570k or fx-8350. If someone can tell me without getting pissed at each other that would be great :)

AM3/AM3+ will be around a bit longer so an 8 core for under 200 bux isnt a bad option right now.

The Comp industry is in shambles right now so saving as much money as possible is a key factor.

Intel makes better CPUs right now, no doubt, but they need to stick with 1 socket for more than a week.

Yeah according to the comparisson video the increased power consumption is about $7 a year so which is barely noticed in most power budgets, when the system is not overclocked. When you over clock it is closer to double that but still fairly insignificant on your monthly bottom line. 

As for the 3570 8350 decision, if you are not going to be doing the things the intel chipset is clearly better at going with the 8350 is a win for gaming and the future proofing in that AMD uses a single socket for much longer than Intel ever does. Seriously the AM3+ is about 2 years old and has at least 2 more years in it, while Intel has released multiple sockets in that same time frame.



although i also believe power consumption isnt much of a factor consider this, not everywhere has cheap dirty power like the U.S. ever been to Europe, power is a lot more espensive there and it adds up, not to mention if you OC it can draw up to an extra 70+ Watts constuting the need for a lrger PSU which outweighs the cost benefits of the 8350 over the I5, so although power consumption long term in the U.S. is a moot point, the PSU size and costs elsewhere are legitimate concerns.

I would wait until linus has done his comparision. Then we have another independent souce to judge. I personally hope that the AMD chip is as fast as the 3570K as competition for the number gaming chip should be a good thing. 

that really depends on your overclock, i have yet to run into a 6300 i couldnt get to 4.5ghz.....and at those speeds in alot of titles it gives the 3470 and 3570k a run for their money....same as with the 8000 series. 



BayondNight: psu costs are only an issue if you dont know how to shop for a psu, honestly so many geeks are so unaware of who actually made their PSU its unreal.

A couple examples of good brands many people overlook because they are rarely mentioned on review sites.

KingWin: most of their psu's are SuperFlower builds, these units are very good quality, superflower has been one of the top OEM's for psu's for a very long time, if you check reviews of superflower built psu's on Jonnyguru's site(best psu reviews bar none) they are almost always rated very good. 

HEC: hec units are not flashy, they infact are pretty retro, but HEC is another old OEM that makes solid units that tend to have good prices.

FPS(fortron source power), one of the oldest OEM's out there, again very good quality but units under their own name can be 1/2 the price of the same unit rebadged by thermaltake or other oems.

If you want/need modular you want to go with a psu with plugs like the psu in this review http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=258 if you can get a kingwin or other brand with that style plug, the ONLY oem using it is superflower...these plugs have a few advantages, biggest being, they are far less prone to failure at the psu end of teh connection then the standard plastic block plugs...

as to the 3570k vs 8350, I would go 8350 having used both, unless you just use the system to play a few games that are intel centric then go intel.

in my case, I can do more with my 8120 or 8350 then I could with the 3570k I built for a client(testing same app loadout side by side with same amount of ram)

also AMD have an upgrade path, intels upgrade path is to force enthusists to buy a new board every time they want a new chip.......has been this way for a very long time.....since the socket 370 days infact(there are 3-4 versions of 370, 775 has a bunch of revisions that arent forward compatable(cant put newer 775 chips inolder boards), on and on.....its why I personally dont use intel for my own builds, I hate swapping motherboards......such a pain....lol

You've got to be kidding me...

sorry about the wall of text, for whatever reason this forums software sees fit to remove paragraphing....editing shows it as i typed it.....horrible software