OK i cant stand it anymore im getting a wireless headset

so i have finally grown sick of my wired head set and cant stadn all teh cords anymroe, so im looking for some suggestions. i would like it to have pretty good audio quality (i like a lot of bass). my budget i would have to say is anything less than $200 thx for any good suggestions


i may get a microphone and headset seperately..... im not sure yet


currently ive been thinking about getting this mic ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836709005 ) 

im thinking about getting seperate devices becuase ive been wanting a new pair of headphone for normal music listening too and ive also been wanting a new headset. but getting a seperate mic and heaphones would mean i would be able to just unplug my headphone and take it on the go. 

also once i get my new desk( $90, my current desk is a 6foot folding table :p ) i will have my setup more permanent so i wont be rearrangeing my stuff so much

the only thing is to keep in mind the the mice you get is an unidirectional microphone and not a omnidirectional

wow, i cant believe someone replied to this i thought this post had died, and yes i did take into the omnidirectionalness of the mic into consideration

I have the Logitech G930 wireless headsets and I really like them, plenty of bass, the mic is pretty good quality and it folds up so it out of the way, they are also ery good for gaming with virtual 7.1. Battery is good and range is good also. The only downside is that they only work on PC.

ill look into them, i do like 7.1 surround 

Im not a very big audio person. Just a thought, if you want a lot of bass wont that require a good amount of power to drive the woofers? 

For headphones I'd look at Sennheiser and Sony. From personal experience they're my favorites. I haven't ever tried wireless because I guess it sacrifices some quality and I just like never worrying about battery life and configuring the wireless stuff. I have a super old logitech clip on I've had for nearly 4 years and it still sounds awesome. I'm not sure if they actually make mics anymore, but I'd take a look at em' if they do.