OK, got a Xbox 360 wireless receiver for my PC......what now?


Just got a Xbox 360 wireless receiver for my PC, (getting it to work on win 8.1 was a bitch!). 

Now what software do I need to get this badboy to work and button map with my emulators? 






Well, I came prepared to help you with the Win8 compatible drivers. I find this title misleading!

Many emulators already have the profile built in.  Fire them up and check before you go mapping.

^ This. Also, modern racing games are good with the controller. They're pretty much the main reason why I even have an Xbox controller to begin with.

Where were you an hour ago when I needed them!  ;)

My mum has written an apology note. It will be with you shortly.

......Zelda marathon. 

I've never needed to use anything other than emulator profiles or internal mapping for anything up through an N64. Beyond that is hit and miss, but mostly hit.

I used to use joytokey and glovepie. But for almost all games it already works by default now for me.