Ok 1 4k mon, 1 1440p 144hz mon, or 3 1080p 60Hz mon

I have 2 980tis now, so which solution is better, ive never had 3 monitors so I think that will be fun

I've tried 3x1080p. Unless you have VERY VERY thin bezels I find it to be very disrupting and not even remotely interesting. I would sooner go 3440x1440 144Hz, 2560x1440 144Hz or 4k 60Hz (ALL of it Gsync)

Personally with SLI 980Ti I would go 21:9 1440p 144Hz


40" 4k


I can't work with just one monitor anymore so I would say the 3 1080p monitors would be a good way to go give a bit more separation when you are working. Have you given any thought to maybe 2 1440p 60hz monitors like the Asus pb278q or the asus pb258q. If your main reason for this setup is just to game though probobly going with the higher resolution 4k would be your best bet if however your going to be doing work on these monitors as well then having multiple might be a better option.

I really like 1440p, but go 4k if you have the horse power.

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I used to think I couldn't work with one monitor, but after getting my 4k monitor, I've learned the joys of multiple desktops and window tiling. Now I only use multiple monitors if I'm not using my 4k monitor (just at work anymore). I'm no less efficient now than I was before; in fact I might be more efficient since I have less surface area to look at for more pixels than the 3x1080p monitors I had.

In the context of this thread though, if you haven't been exposed to high refresh rate gaming, 4k 60Hz is glorious if you get IPS/very high quality TN in the right size. I certainly wouldn't trade it for anything else.

My answer depends on what your focus is: picture, or performance?

144hz 1440p is the best balance of both in my opinion. 3 1080p monitors will better performing if you get decent monitors, but 4k is twice as good looking as 1080p (literally).

I'll second 1440p @144hz. High resolution + high refresh rate is perfect imo. If you are use to 144hz I wouldn't go back to 60hz. But that's just me.


Will you use your setup for gaming or productivity?

Since you have two 980 tis, I'm going to assume that gaming is the primary focus here. In that case, my vote goes for 1440p 144 Hz. Especially with some type of adaptive sync, that will give you an unparalleled experience with 3D games.

For everything else, a giant 4K screen is great. Work, media consumption, web surfing: it's all awesome on a giant 4K screen. If productivity is more important, go with 4K.

Any idea where I could find a 40+ inch 120/144hz 1440p curved or ultra wide monitor?

I will say after going 21:9 I can never ever go back to a single 16:9 no matter how high a resolution it is.

VOTE: 1440 144hz - see if you can't do one of the ultrawide ones ;)

I've never had a 3x 1080 or a 4k display. I went from 1680x1050 with a 720p second display to 1440p and the aforementioned 1680x1050. I found myself using the second monitor less and less because of the extra pixels. So from that I would recommend some form of a 1440p or 4k single monitor solution

I found a very good deal on amazon for 3 1080p mons.

you and your 4k man

If one can afford it it's easily the way to go for productivity

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I've had triple wide 1080p setups, 1 over 3 1080p setup, 1080p @ 120hz setup, 1440p @ 120hz, and my latest is a 40" 4K @ 60hz. I still have a 23" 1080p screen mounted above the 4k but I don't use it that often b/c there's so much space on the 4K to use. I prefer the 40" 4k screen over the other setups. It's has a slightly higher PPI (113 vs 109 I think) than 1440p so the scaling is virtually the same. A 40" 4k with freesync (or gsync in your case) would be the perfect setup.

Multi-monitor gaming is really kind of a pain the ass. You have to align all the monitors and they take up a lot of desk space even with a multi-monitor stand. A lot of games don't support the ultra wide resolutions well. It works great on the games that are made with it in mind like a lot of racing games but other games can really suck. I had to use a 3rd party app a lot times to adjust game UI and FOV. If a game patch was released, I would have to wait for the app to be updated before I could play the game again or I would be stuck on one lowly 1080p monitor for that game. If you are going to give it a try though, I would suggest getting at least 120hz gsync monitors. 980ti 2-way sli should handle that resolution and frequency pretty easily but one should still be able drive 5760 x 1080 resolution pretty smoothly with gsync enabled incase a specific game doesn't support sli.

3 1080p,

the dell u2414h has very thin bezels


I LOVE my 1440p monitor! So much space! I'm never going back to 1080... ever...

1440p is perfect... makes a huge difference in games but doesn't take as much power as 4k. It's also fantastic for productivity.

4k is still in "early adoption". You need LOTS of power to properly use it for games and UI's usually don't work well on them for productivity.

1440p minimum, you just cant see the detail from 1080p like even Shadow of Mordor orcs lose their grumpy looks in it. 1080p ultrawide is one option but I havent seen one in person.
Other than that I'd say that its just about where your penis guides, but try to take G-sync.

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