OISD.NL block list went rouge.. update lists again

Hey all
Just a PSA if your wondering why your internet isn’t working correctly and you use OISD.nl block lists in pihole or adguard, etc.

I noticed that dns was blocking Google, github, etc.

Checked my lists and on one of my dns servers the OISD.nl block list had 6 million entries with an update date of today. The other dns server had about 345K for the same list.

Reupdated that dns server block list and it is back to normal.

I imagine one of their feeder lists went wild and as I assume it pulls from there to get their list it’s compounded the problem

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Can’t say I’m surprised, ran into this years ago with pfblockerng, then the next year with PiHole

Since then, I swore off firewall ad blocking!

I have not observed such a phenomenon…

[i] Target: https://dbl.oisd.nl
[?] Status: Retrieval successful
[i] Analyzed 818082 domains
[i] List has been updated