Ohhh this close tyo giv linux up!

Hello guys!

Got LM up and running for awhile now..
Since i got it up and running, ive been trying to dualboot it with windows 10 without any luck :/

Installed easybcd, it show linux and windows in the bootmenu, but the linux one dosent work. It says something like: "cant find OS...".
[both OS work fine, but ive to change in bios to get LM to boot instead of w10]

(Its to bad that i cant play dayz sa alone on LM, then i could have left w10 for now..)

So... not sure what im asking here, but i really hope some one can help me either with easyBCD or if there some other good way to get it done.


Which OS did you install last? If you installed Win10 after Linux then it will install its own boot loader and break Linux's ability to boot.

My recommendation is to re-partition your hard drive so that you have a VERY small first partition, maybe 25MB, dedicated to just the boot loader. Then install Win10, and finally LM, but if you're given the option (I've never installed LM, only Ubuntu, Fedora, and CentOS) to specify where to store the boot loader, pick that tiny partition so that Windows (theoretically) won't touch it.

I haven't tried any dual booting with Win10 unfortunately. The last time I tried this was Win7. But I would think this would still translate up through Win10.

Best of luck. :)

Yes i did, installed w10 after linux...
Okey, so what are you sayin here, so i should just re-install lm now when win10 is installed?
Tryd to install alot of grub stuff on LM(but i dont know what im relly doing so hehe)

PS im not gonna need easybcd(thrue win10) at all if everything works?(or any other "bootloader"?

Normally grub should detect the windows install and give it some menu entries. No other boot medium needed since the Linux install should install GRUB on the same device as your Linux.

Could you go into detail which Linux you are using? I'm just guessing Linux Mint (because of "LM" but it is better to ask and not assume).

Have you run "sudo update-grub"?

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Ultimately you will NOT need EasyBCD. Grub can be configured to boot both OS'.

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Yes sorry, Linux mint 17.2

Have you run "sudo update-grub"? - No i havent done that, so thats how you do it hehe thought it was something wrong with my install, when the new version didnt come up the "auto" update list!
Ill try that later, thanks! :D

Thanks for the answers guys, will try it out to morrow.
Sadly i need to go to bed now, not that rich yet so i cant skip work...


Hello again guys! Gonna bump this thread, just to say thank you again.
Just finish my dualboot installation w10/Mint!
It toke for ever, and i was planing to tell you and others about it. But not to night!
Need to sleep now.
For now, thanks guys!


Congrats Zemos!!

Best way to install Linux and Windows is to keep their HDD separate, and don't share bootloader space, just set the Linux HDD as it's boot loader, grub usually detects the Windows HDD and will add it to the list automatically. Then just boot the Linux HDD. BEST METHOD, no boot loader conflicts EVER.

I guess I'm too lazy to mess about with grub settings, so installed ubuntu and win10 on different drives, set bios to boot Linux, and use the motherboard boot device selector F12 option on the occasions I want to play AAA windows only games...