Oh THQ How I Miss You :'[

I was chatting with my friend about Sim City and how Origin/EA is the root of all evil, when I remebered THQ and what happened. The day they went bankrupt I just about cried(manly tears of course) THQ was one of the few publishers I didn't hate and it sucks so bad they went bankrupt. I think what mainly made me sad was Metro Last Light, it was so close to release, hell maybe it might have been what THQ needed but now I have to hope Kock Media does a good job and May turns out to be a great month. http://gamerant.com/metro-last-light-release-date-may/

It's sad to see THQ go. Anyone else miss them and also share a great hate for the evil that is EA?

EA must be doing something right, although I dont know what it is.