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(Oh the irony thread closed) Gab hosting and DNS services terminated because of user content


Andrew Gorba gave an interview with veteran journalist and founder of Infowars Alex Jones. Infowars is one of the most respected news organization on the planet.
Andrew Gorba is the CEO and founder of
They have a message on their page and they will be back. oh yea :slight_smile:
I am sure you will enjoy the interview. I listened to it on my phone

One good place to share links that have to do with tech and pol is the comments section of The Hill
It is a target rich enviroment :slight_smile:




Oh you should have been her in the 2016 run-up :slight_smile:


I’m not surprised someone missed the joke.


Ok thats three posts farther towards derailment, lets leave it at that and please resume discussing the topic and not the credibility of links as that would be fitting for another thread


Gab was almost simultaneously banned from Medium who they had released their statement from and had their post removed.


Even though they are being “silenced” they seem to be playing the victim very hard, which is not helping imo.


They don’t really have any other cards to play. Im still dumbfounded at the double standard happening.


Them darn anti-Nazis agin’ eh?

For someone who didn’t want to talk politics it seems to keep coming up.


Do you have a point to make or no?


I think he just did…

And you enforced it…

Edit: You re-inforced it…


Account holders like this have been allowed on Twitter for years. Where’s the line at?


Its their line…

You don’t have to agree with it, hell I don’t agree with a lot of it. But their site = their rules. Simple as that.


You are using companies’ political biases to justify your thoughts and it comes off to some users that you are contradicting the first sentence of your thread.

There is no discussing this subject without politics and this has slowly become “another one of those tech policy threads” that starts off alright but devolves to screencaps of antifa books and reaction memes.


As long as it doesn’t degenerate into name calling, I’m not against it.

Unless it breaks some forums rules of course…


If no one is concerned by this I guess I’m either insane or living in clown world.


Wait, so you’re complaining about Twitter not being able to catch offensive crap, then championing a company that actively DOESN’T get rid of offensive crap?

What is exactly your point here?

I am officially confused now???


Gab has banned users for threats of violence. When did I or anyone even Gab make the claim that they do not remove threats of violence???


So has twiiter. You can point out as many individual cases as you like but you are still being dismissive to valid points.


But they miss a good bit, yet have not been banned from any platform.