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(Oh the irony thread closed) Gab hosting and DNS services terminated because of user content


I think that is where the line draws today. Some companies (arguably) don’t care. Others go full boar enforcing safe space regulations and anti-hate speech. Some, like Twitter, find a middle ground (although, the do a poor job of it, imo).

Again, I think you’d be surprised.

tl;dr The Duke meets Clint Eastwood meets Macho Man (YEAH BROTHER) meets King Louis XIV meets Ron Paul (from the 1930s) meets Erlich Bachman (I have slapped a 12 year old in the face and thrown his bike over the fence) meets Dr. Douglas Hofstadter.

Sorta. In a way. I had a teacher tell me I was “born 3,000 years too late” and my mom thought I was raised by wolves.

That was the discussion all along, in my opinion. Don’t mistake my “I have no sympathy for them” comment to be “I support them being taken down”. I am an advocate of free speech and a staunch supporter of the 1st Amendment.

This isn’t a 1A issue.


Where did ANYONE say those words?

You’re reading things into what people say, that fit your own agenda/belief when NOBODY is saying those things.

I think you’re too wrapped up in your agenda/belief that you can’t distinguish debate, from an attack on your core beliefs.

And if you want to talk about something you deem as this serious, you NEED to be open to alternative viewpoints on the subject. But you sir seem adamant on not seeing the other side for some reason or another that is quite obviously grasped by the rest of us.

Edit: took out a word I misplaced


Sadly, that’s modern discussion on the Internet. It doesn’t have to be. But majority of the websites and platforms I’ve been on foster this sort of behavior.

Hopefully something good comes out of this discussion. I find anti-Semitic behavior absolutely disgusting and abhorrent, whether it be toward Jews or Muslims. However, I wouldn’t throw someone in jail for their dog looking/walking like Hitler, nor would I ever destroy someone’s business because of the offensive things they say.

But, and this is incredibly important, when what happened happened, especially today where short term memory loss is remedied with Internet searches and post history, you are not going to be given the benefit of the doubt, ever. I think more than Gab showed us that in the last few months.

How does it go, an armed society is a polite society? People are armed with agendas, passionate belief systems, and morality assigned political parties. It’s time to start being a little polite, and CYA.


You’re back and still not reading anything that’s being said.


I think everything’s been said that will be said so far.

Time for some motherfucking democracy.

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In theory it never will be unless ICAAN literally requires registrars to discriminate based on content that will be associated with the domain. As long as that doesn’t happen, you can always make your own registrar.

In practice when it is objectively more expensive to say opinion A than opinion B because of which hosts/registrars you will be limited to, I can sort of see the argument of framing this as a free speech issue.

As the theoretical extreme, imagine a situation where all domains/hosting are prohibitively expensive, but most service providers will give a 99% discount so long as you sign an agreement to only say the Right Things™. That would still be theoretically a free speech environment, or so the TOS argument goes, but the practical effect is that un-approved speech is almost impossible.

If I’m charitable, I’d say that’s @_hill’s concern.


That’s probably a good summation to end on, thanks @olddellian.

Closed because the discussion has been going in circles for quite a while (and angry politics).