Oh the Choices

I was just wondering which of the 2 cpu's gives better oppertunity for upgrades/future-proofness, and which one is better for Overclocking. I know the one core is Ivy Bridge and is newer and my main question is how good is it for overclocking.






I'd personally go with ivy bridge. With ivy bridge you have pci 3.0 on the chipset, so it's better for the future. I believe usb 3.0 is also on the new z77 chipset, so it should be more reliable than the 3rd party USB 3.0 sockets the old z68 mobo's have with sandy bridge. For overclocking, both will do fine. The one caveat is that the ivy bridge one has an overclocking ceiling. By this I mean that once you hit a certain voltage your temperatures will go very high. This is because the die is smaller, and the walls between the transistors are less thick, so heat will leak through more easily. It really shouldn't be a problem, but that's just how it is. 



TLDR; Go with ivy bridge 

Well the newer the better for future, but 2700k is a great choice. The 2700k will overclock better, as it's cherry picked and will most certainly do 5GHz.