Oh, How the Times Have Changed

This is not tech retailed but I wanted to hear your thought Logan and ginger beard man.




i hate my generation.....

Let me guess, you are less than 18? And live in America? Heard a lot of bad stuffs about youngsters there from a relative of mine.

nope. 24 year old USMC veteran

Then why the hate man?

When went to high-school in the 1970's in Australia our military cadet unit had 303 British rifles, and every ANZAC Day select cadets would participate in a gun-salute with live-ammunition. Our sports field had a shooting-range for the cadets to practice shooting after school.


Of course that's all in the past now, as 'political correctness', and public-liability has crept into the Australian education system.


Even the general public cannot own firearms unless they're prepared to 'jump through the bureaucratic hoops'.


My old high-school also has forbidden students to play tackle rugby league during the lunch hour.


The world has indeed gone mad, and mainly governments at that.

Pretty much every scenario listed was bullshit.

more of an anger from frustration. and im out of cigs.

its more like those were the parents and those were the kids. I blame the parents

Hopefully that link is the dumbest thing I read tonight.

Thankfully not really like that where I live, but it's getting worse.

What. That link is BS. Thats completely exaggerated. I laughed at "shared his aspirin with the principal on the smoking dock.." like seriously... Some people...

Load of BS. Funny though.

Most of those examples were totally exaggerate & total bs.

But, for the most part, i can agree it does somewhat reflect the insanity that goes through people heads these days when dealing with petty problems.

All this insanity you can blame on the; 'it wasn't my fault/im offended at everything you say & do' mindset that everybody today seems to have.

Sadly, i don't see the 'current situation' getting any better...