Oh God, My CIFS Mount....Heeeeeeeeeeelp!

I’m doing something wrong with my /etc/fstab but I don’t know enough to know what.

Mounting my share via mount is great, easy, no problems. However when it comes to fstab it fails:

Here’s my fstab:

and my samba server settings:
samba share

I’ve censored a few things but hopefully this is still comprehensible. Shares are set up differently cause I’ve been messing with them to try and get something other than zero output from mount -a

Hoping it’s just a syntax error my eyes can’t see…


mount -av

for verbose output. Your syntax looks solid, from what I remember about smb. Is there a reason you’ve chosen noauto? If you’re having issues with network not being available before it tries to mount, use the _netdev flag instead.

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Here’s the output from the verbose:

And here’s a verbose out of using just mount

(Censoring is hard, rip)

As for noauto no real reason, I’ll probably set it to auto later. I just don’t want it trying to connect while rebooting to set up some other thing. I’ll toss _netdev in there as well, can’t hurt.

Remove the noauto flag.

All specified devices within /etc/fstab will be automatically mounted on startup and when the -a flag is used with mount(8) unless the noauto option is specified. Devices that are listed and not present will result in an error unless the nofail option is used.


I wasn’t 100% sure until I saw that ignored message in your mount command output.

That was it, rip :laughing:

Working perfectly now, thank you!

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Happy to help. Sometimes you just need to find the right bit of docs.