Oh gee, which one would YOU get! 1gb or 2gb of the


gee, idk man hard choice...

The 2GB one has only got a higher core and a 200mhz higher memory clock

i really dont noe.

lol definitely 2gb

more is better... a lot of the times.

not to mention the 2gb one is clocked higher.

and has a rebate..

what kind of question is this... lol

Yeah, if there was a joke, it ain't there, because it's a rebate, and normally you'd be paying $30 more. If those were the normal prices, minor lolz to be had...but....no.

Its not even needed with 2gb.. Its pure bullshit to make it "look better"

AND hdmi adapter? lol what a joke. that's the prize of SEARCHING HARDER right there.

2GB will make everyone dizzy for sure.

....2 high selling price. Especially wheno your customer is ignorant.


Overclock to 800mhz

Kick Nvidia in the face.


2 more is always better in memory {gddr3}