Offset mode overclocking?


I recently overclocked my i7 2600k to 4.4ghz and I choose to set the voltage using offset instead of just a constant manual voltage. However under full load cpu-z reads 1.272-1.288V but when it's not under 100% load ie just browsing the web I've seen the voltage go as high as 1.34V, though it only goes high for a short time it is usually around 1-1.2V? So what I'm wondering are these voltage spikes normal and safe? BIOS settings that I set, load line calibration = regular, Phase Control = Optimized, CPU voltage = offset mode +0.010V.


System specs

Intel Core i7 2600K

Coolermaster hyper 212 EVO

ASUS P8P67 Deluxe

HIS HD6970

8gb G.Skill ripjaws CL9 @ 1600mhz

Enermax NAXN 850W

Cosair Force 3 120gb SSD

Western Digital 2tb Cavair Black

Antec 902 V3 Case

Just wondering, is there any particular reason why you went with offset mode?

As long as the voltage jump doesn't cause the temps to go mental then I think those voltages should be fine.

that is called Vdroop