Officially Benchmarking Minecraft For Reviewers

Ok, since soooooooo many people request: "kan dis run minecraft" "wats da fps on minecraft" etc, we need some standards for benchmarking Minecraft. Now Vanilla Minecraft is not demanding. But everyone I know, including my self, runs mods and texture packs on a consistent basis, eating up a lot of VRAM also chipping away at fps. So we need a list of mods and a texture pack that truly represents how people are playing minecraft these days.

Should I leave in Optifine? It definitely increases performence and can do some weird stuff but you can crank the settings up on it making the game very demanding. I need some feedback concerning Optifine.

Also if your a reviewer, playing in multiplayer is MUCH more demanding that singleplayer so be sure to play in multiplayer (more info in the list)

So here's the list (subject to minor changes). If you think something must be added post down below (must be multiplayer compatible).

Test on the server (in your respective region) in a Vanilla test and mods test

Texture pack: 32x Faithful texture pack by Vattic

Mods loaded with minecraft forge 1.8:

Shaders Mod by karyonix with SEUS Ultra DOF Shaderpack

Better Foliage by OctarineNoise

Damage Indicators

Code Chicken Core API by Chicken Bones

Not Enought Items by Chicken Bones

Zyins HUD by Zyins

Animation API by thehippomaster21

Animated Player by thehippomaster21

bombzen api by bombzen

AutoSwitch by bombzen

If you want to see another mod on here post it down below.

Thanks -The Stealth Shadow

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