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Official Stardew Valley Thread


Marnie is kinda cute



Yeah not my type of game in general.



She thicc also.



This thread needs to come with a warning.

Stardew Valley is the digital equivalent to Heroin, especially for anyone who played Harvest Moon on the SNES.

Love this fucking game. Best $20 I’ve spent in a long, long time.

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More of a time management thing…
You have mining, crafting, fishing, farming, herding, foraging, then there are 28 people, each of them with their own personality and each of them on your radar for marriage, then there is the community center, i.e. questing, then there is the wizzard, that I’m still not sure what his deal is, then there is the ghost of your grandpa who will judge you in a few years according to your deeds, then there is a lot of magic in the land…
Farming is a tiny little part of it…



Farming, mining, basic as hell combat, but somehow ridiculously addictive.

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  1. she is fat
  2. she is with the mayor
  3. I am role playing as Kung Jin from MK X, in the meaning that I’m all about that sausage… My target is Shane… He is easy… Berries and beer and he will be mine… Then there is Sebastian, the goth dude… The equivalent of big tiddied goth girl is big dong goth boy… Then there is the Super saiyan I mean Sam, and if that fails, the long haired Elliott is always there…

PS: Wow, the sausage platter is really bad… Pretty much all of them are garbage…

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Love this game. Got it on Switch

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But will you be down for the community engagement multiplayer?



So she’s all about the :moneybag:

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If that were true she’d be after the PC because he/she is capable of generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a day by farming and brewing ancient fruit wine.

Seriously, want money? Go for ancient fruit seeds right off the bat, don’t bother with animals the first year at ALL.

Also, gotta get those kegs. Jelly makers aren’t worth the time or resources.



I think it was a mstake to start on the hill farm…
I need to find space for a barn and a coop with fresh grass and so on… And the hills make a lot of land unusable… And the fiver is unfishable…
Oh well…



Start over, get the expanded farm maps (I prefer expanded forest farm). Twice the space of any map, look better, etc.

Also, some of the tree lines in some of the farms can accept barns, so long as you can see the door and all the squares are green, it can be built.

Don’t bother with animals the first year, try to get as much money as you can before the egg festival, buy as many strawberry seeds as you can and plant them, gives you a huge boost for the summer.

This should go without saying, but don’t bother with fruit trees in year 1, if you do, Pomagranite trees are the most valuable.

Oh, and COFFEE IS GOD. Always have some coffee going. The seeds don’t sell for much but have a very high yield and brewinig them into coffee takes less than a day in a keg. Coffee sells for a decent price, but is much more valuable for the speed boost. I usually try to dedicate a barn to coffee production.



Are we talking mods, cause that’s a no from me…

I’m doing no crops play…



Bundles, you want to do bundles

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Y would I want to do such things?
The only bundle I can’t complete is the elite crops bundle, meaning no greenhouse and I can buy it from joja. But since I do no crops play I don’t need the greenhouse…



I decided to remake the farm while I am still at spring year 1…
So I will start a new…
I wonder should I start growing crops just to complete the community center bundles or ignore them completely and just rely on trees and animals…
I want to completely ignore farming but I need everything for the stupid community center.
I can just ignore the community center farming bundle and forfeit the greenhouse…

That’s what I’m going to do…
I will ignore farming completely and go for trees and animals.

I don’t want to min max or whatever, so don’t talk to me about ancient fruit or strawberries or stuff like that…

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Anyone side to JoJa Mart like soulless heathen here?

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Missed the opportunity to name it @GoalKeeper.



No I haven’t… I just told you, I’m restarting the progress…

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