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Official Stardew Valley Thread


Since there is no thread about this beauty, it is up to me to create one…

Stardew Valley

Since I just recently bought the game and I kinda like it, I decided to open a forum thread about it.
I am planning on challenging myself by not growing any crops at all. The game is rich enough to give me a lot of other options, like fruit trees, mushrooms, tree tappers, animals, fishing, mining, foraging, etc etc.
So I will play with no crops what so ever.
Slow start, but once I get my mushroom cave and a couple animals the tides will turn.

So that is my Stardew Valley project for now.
Do you play? How you like it? Leave a comment in the section down below. Like that smash button and subscribe for more threads like that one…






Multiplayer when?

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I have been asking that for a while, and no answer, so I decided to play by miself…

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So I have about 200 hours in this game from the last time I took vacation.

Also have it on switch.

Last Playthrough I did agroforestry. Bunch of fruit trees, bee hives and Tree taps. Top that off with winery and the money is insane. Had to do an crop farm the first year for sapling money. After that you can collect a ton of money without using stamina.

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Wild honey turned into a mead and all you have to do is put the honey in the barrels… Oh yeah, I think I’m all over that…
I think I’m gonna start on the hill farm. It have a river going through for fishing and have the quarry for easy copper mining in the very start…
4K for a fruit tree and away I go…
Scarecrows, watering and so on takes a lot of time and it’s crazy monotonous… I’ll have a few animals and a few trees and stuff… Then I can focus on the people. I just have to neglect one aspect of the game if I want to focus on everything else, and I chose to ignore farming in the farming game…
Some sharp tool I am…

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I was using fruit tree fruit for the wine. Once you get the green house you can fill it with pomegranate trees

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I’m on my first play through, after seeing some Psycho mentioning this game, and it’s really chilled fun!
The first few seasons, I totally grew the wrong crops, selling stuff I would need for bundles, and wasting resources on the machines that would have been given for free if I had not wasted the original crops, and that kinda makes it even more fun!
I’m only on my first winter, and already thinking how I would re-do it all over again, just one more year…








Yeah the bundles are super important. Other reason to run at least a few crops first year.

Late game having what ever your spouse likes in the green house is nice.

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I’m just glad it doesn’t let you save scum, else I would probably have gone back a few times to do better, and ended up doing the same things over and over trying to improve it, which would have totally broken the flow.

The music is pretty chilled out too, if you run it full screen/without something playing on another monitor



I love Stardew Valley.



Looks like a mobile game. Lacks multiplayer on mobile. This is a strange world we live in.

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It came out on desktop first. It was later adapted for mobile devices/consoles.

Multiplayer was recently a beta only feature until around 4 months ago IIRC.



It HAS multiplayer on PC and console…
I think it have cross platform as well…
Also my dog is named Puhcho… Literal translation to english - FLUFFY…



@Dynamic_Gravity So it’s farming simulator in general ?



Farming is a focus, but not the main part of the game.



It’s like the Harvest Moon series of video games



Never played those. But you seem experienced. Go play with @pete !