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Origin id: Sensitivenipples

Steamid: vikingfaen


If Anybody's up for BF4 matches of any kind, feel free to add me on Origins, atm i dont play many games on steam but feel free to add anyway.





Play a few different games, not great at any ^_^


BF4 (soon)


Far Cry 3

Football Manager

I have CS:GO, but dont play it much. I suck too much and people are far too good xD

Left 4 Dead 1 & 2

Planetside 2

Team Fortress 2 (Another one I dont play that much of, though i guess would be fun with a proper team)

Street Fighter 4 (not very good Ryu/Ken scrub, but love SF)

World of Warcraft (sub is up, but may come back for the new 'spansion)

Also have Diablo 3, but dont really like it that much tbh

Those are all or most of the multiplayer games I play


Steam: Double_A123 






play call of duty ghosts and BF4


bad company 2


grid 2

trials evolution 

some others 



Origin: Recongremlin





herro babies, a big BUMP here

I might try to blindly add anyone in sight now on Steam but I doubt it's a good idea...


Who woulda guessed?




This is my steam account if anyone is interested :)

My steam account

And these are the games I play at the moment : My Games 




My Steam


lulz. Tried to add you a second time. That happen to anybody else yet?