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Hey, it's me!


I had a friend that whenever he would meet someone and they asked his name he would say...
"Joe." Q: Joe what? "Joe Mama."
I am not a good gamer and when I used to play Call of Duty I loved when I got a kill the game would say "You were just shot by JoeMomma." Some people take offense, but most most people get the joke.

Multiplayer games: Elite:Dangerous, F1-2012, GTA V, Hawken, Left 4 Dead 2, Rocket League, Team Fortress.
I don't play CoD anymore but used to love Modern Warfare 1, 2, 3. I would play if they ever made another good one.

In Origin I am JoeMommaX ('Yo Mama's Ex-lover) and I play Battlefield 4.



not on there much tbh


Steam Username: RedWolf1


I like coop, I really enjoy working within a team even if its just a team of 2. I'd love to meet more PC players so please feel free to send me a friend request.



Feel free to add me.



I don't have many IRL friends that game on PC so feel free to add me.


Realized I never posted.


GOG Galaxy, going to get added to the list?


Rarely play, but here's the link

been playing a lot of CS:GO lately. feel free to add me



Been playing CS:GO again for a few days and now that I'm almost on my holidays i'll be able to play a lot.


Add Me on The Game Thing:




Please only add me if your in AU/NZ/JP/PH

China to AU is over 200 ping
India to AU is over 200 ping
USA to AU is 225-285 ping
EU to AU is 335-395 ping
RU to AU is 355-400 ping

I am not racist or have anything against people from EU/RU/USA
its just you are going to be an MASSIVE HIGH ping value for ANYONE
on ANY connection from AUSTRALIA to the rest of the world

Steam :- charliebrownau

To be honest since steam AND origin BOTH are often at max friends list
Maybe just send me a PM via Youtube/google:-


Origin MetricTon81


Prenihility = Every ID... The one and only.

And i need GTA Online players, phuckers! Join me!