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Feel free to add me




holy shit...

If you haven't already


So Destroyed IS Alice.. 




hey i play multiplayer  games like left4dead 2 and just started playing CS GO. But Off steam I also play league of legends and Minecraft



Origin: the_Black_m4mbA (BF4, Titanfall)

Steam: theblackmamba1 (Age of Empires 2, CS:GO)


Just got Insurgency, Once I find time I will be logging at least 50+ hours in before the end of this year. I am probably going to get back into RUST now some time soon since they are actually doing stuff ... Don't plan on touching Dayz for a couple years at the rate current development is going.

Origin: Sargent-CuDDleS

I've put a 300 hours into battlefield 4 since it came out (yes I do have a life) so, I'm always down for that ... I have battlefield 3 on PC (they gave it away for free) but I didn't feel like replaying 400 hours to get to where I was on the PS3 ... I might play some SimCity if you're down for it ...



Hmm, anyone has any shady (suspicious) users adding you lately?



Well I got another suspicious and shady user who tried to add me, I thought to myself, seems shady, removed him, added me again, then finally gone. Dunno who the hell he is. Maybe some thieving being.

Anyway, whilst bumping the thread to the top, add me or else....

...add me? :3



So I guess there hasn't been anyone from here adding me lately, so much scams going on Steam.





How the hell do you guys share your profile like that? Can't figure this out.

#305 is what i used