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*Official* Post your Steam/Origin Profile here!



My steam:


Add me, especially dota 2 players. We really need 2 to 3 more dota 2 players. 


I thought I posted in here already but apparently not!

Steam/Origin: SLOWION



Hey guys add me am feeling quite lonely since switching from xbox. 

am playing borderlands 2, xcom, batman.








Bumping the thread to keep it on top

Just in case you've missed out or can't be bothered to check out my forum profile:


Add me please, I would like friends.


Why isn't this stickied?


I currently don't have the powers, the demis might've slept off and/or had to ask one of the admins (or just ask Wendell since he roams around the site lately) so they can do it for us.


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i mostly play borderlands 2, battlefield 4, torchlight 2, and random indie games

origin id is: brian2116



Im trying to Put together a guild on a steam game called spiral knights 
(preferably east coast players but people from other parts of the states and canada are welcome too)
as well as many other games on steam.

add me!! :> 



Looking for:

People to play Dota2 with (Please deliver me from these peruvians), people to play Arma3 with (I do wasteland generally), people to talk about anime with (I know no one that has my powerlevel), people that would be interesting in running DND campaigns of various sorts (Have a very small group of people, could use some more), and people that would hop in various other games with me, really.

Bonus: I'm Scottish, and prefer voice chat.