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*Official* Post your Steam/Origin Profile here!



What the hell, Do you have 2 accounts? One said you're offline and the other said you're online, lol :P



lol, as far as i know, I don't.  I changed my privacy settings recently.  Not sure if that had anything to do with it.


Ah, could be my side



 To open in Steam click HERE.

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#188 Origin ID is maxwell8 Feel free to add me. I'll mostly be on Skyrim but I also like BF4.





I'd post a link to my Origin profile as well, but I can't find the fucking link to it! My ID is the same though: Kalash156


Mostly CSGo and Starbound.






My Steam profile...Ill add you to my friends list! Playing Ghostbusters right now.




#200 Add me, i'm a very social person online, so feel free to contact me for whatever reason.


My steam


My steam:

Play pretty much anything, right now I usually am on BF4 or Skyrim

Origin id is MidnighttHands (yes 2 t's)


Anyone here is free to add me, I have friends that I do already play with, but I'm looking for some new people to talk to. I'm 16 and I'm pretty mature, however I do like to screw around from time to time. I play a lot of CS:GO, Battlefield 4- Which I'm really looking for people to play with, Borderlands 2, and some other games.

Anyone is free to add me.