Official Post your PC guts thread!

Step 1: misread instructions

Step 2: realise cooler will be facing the wrong way

Step 3: ???

Step 4: profit

Got a whole 50-100MHz extra with the better cooler. Now occasionally hitting 4.2GHz in GTA 5. I should really sit down and tune it properly, not OC really just manage voltages and see if it will self boost further.


My build from 2 years ago…

Ryzen 1600, Asus B350, 16Gb, Corsair Case and PSU


I built that system about 2 years ago, still enjoy just watching it through the window… Recently cleaned it from all the dust and garbage in it. Now I need to clean my HDD…

Asrock B350 Pro4, Ryzen 7 1700X, 4x4 DDR4 2666 Crucial Ballistix, CM Master Liquid 240, XFX RX480 8G, Seasonic Focus 650W, ADATA SX8200Pro 256GB, Fractal Arc Midi R2 with a bunch of extra fans…


“Garage” PC prolapsed T_T

ASUS P8P67 PRO, i7 2600K @ 4.5Ghz, 2x8 DDR3 1600 GSkill Sniper, CM (Nepton?) 120 AIO, EVGA GTX 970, Corsair HX 850W, Samsung 860 EVO 500GB, Crucial M4 128GB…now inside Fractal Design Define R4 Titanium.



Intel Xeon Prozessor Platinum 8170 es qneu 26 Core 2.1g, Turbo 3.7g CPU Steppin 4 x 2


128GB DDR4 2133 Hynix

2080 TI Asus ROG <---- Passtrough Win10VM

Nvidia 275 something as placeholder for MacOS <---- iam on it, tommorow doing ye old Hackintosh.

2 Noctua 4U Cooler

WD shucked 7TB

WD green 2TB

Intel Optane 905 380GB m.2

Adata 2TB NVME


Optane 32GB

samsung 750 256GB

samsung 850 256GB

20 TB HGST 10x2TB SAS are on its way from England

i use ESXI 7.0 as my Hypervisor


Hi everyone new member here. I have 4 current Ryzen 3000 series systems as my main units and 2 older Intel systems I still keep around being of a i5 2500k system and a even older E6800 system.
I’m not a gamer at all but a computer enthusiast that mostly does photo & video work as a hobby.

Systems Left to Right are
R7 3700X, CPU Cooler Phanteks PH-TC14PE, Gigabyte X570 Pro WiFi, Gigabyte 1660 Super, Multiple Samsung NvMe and SSD, PS Seasonic 650 Gold, Case Phanteks P500A filled with Cougar 140mm fans.
System 2
R5 3600 cooled by a Reeven Hans 120mm, Gigabyte X570 Gaming X, Gigabyte 5500XT, Inland Premium 1TB NVMe, PS Phanteks AMP 650, Case Phanteks P400A filled with Cougar 140mm fans.
System 3
R5 3600 cooled by Noctua NH-U12S, Gigabyte B550 Pro AC, Gigabyte 1660, Inland Premium 1TB VVMe, PS Corsair RM650, Fractal Meshify C (soon to replaced with a Phanteks P300A) filled with Cougar 140mm fans.
System 4
R9 3900X cooled by a Gigabyte ATC800, Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra, Gigabyte 5700, Multiple Mushkin NVMe & SSD’s, PS Seasonic 650 Gold, Lian Li Lancool 2 recently converted to the Lancool Mesh, filled with Cougar 140mm fans.
3 Monitors are 32" 4k (2 LG’s & 1 Samsung) and the other is a older 27" Asus 1080P.
Again I don’t game at all period and I refuse to use any Adobe products so I use Vegas Pro 17 for video editing and Capture One Pro for photo editing. That is the reason for the mixed Nvidia & AMD GPU’s, the AMD cards work great with both software platforms.


Forgive the awful cable management on the desk…

Rough specs:-
Ryzen 9 3950X
128GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (3200MHz)
Strix Vega 64 (waiting for 6900XT shortly after launch)

PCPartPicker Reference:- list/jf8Bj2

Build notes:
Though the Noctua A14 3000rpm fans keep the system at reasonable temperatures. They’re loud as hell!

Finally, the obligatory “BtW, I use…” XD



Those aren’t the guts… Wanna see inside it, not the peripherals… :stuck_out_tongue: Also welcome to the forum. Run while you can. If you don’t - be prepared to be here in the next decade or so… Like Intel and 14nm…


Well… there it is. (Edited original post)

Side note: The case was an absolute nightmare to build in. That and the cooler only just fits (~1mm clearance either side of the fans)

Well what do you expect… It’s a modern Fractal case. Modern cases are mostly garbage. You know, if they go back to Arc Midi R2 and just improve that design a bit that would be the best case ever. But Nooooo, PSU shrouds and garbage stuff…

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I was hoping that they would have put in a little more thought into the general layout. I can’t fault the overall build quality, especially when compared to the cobbled together cases of yesteryear. :+1:t2:

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Is it a Define 7 Compact? I build a pc for a friend of mine in one of those. Hated it. Despite perfect cable management in the back, the rear panel would not stay closed. The pegs have 0 clamping force. And there aren’t any screws.

Have you guys seen the cock sucking reviews? They are like a AAA game getting 10/10 while players hate it… Now tell me how to trust reviews?

Sorry Pete, we don’t all follow the same video’s as you on PronHub…


It is and I was aware that the rear panel would be a squeeze. Especially with the amount of hardware I was planning to shoehorn into it. I’m already planning to move to a bigger case after the 6900XT is available.

Probably, but it has been a while since i did. I really only watch GNs case reviews.
What I learned, is that Lian Li is still the king of side panel pegs.

I have a Define R6, That’s a very good case. I routed all the power cables under the psu shroud, and up behind the front cover thingy.

I’d imagine the full size Define 7 would be similar, though I don’t know for sure.


I still claim this is fractalized NZXT H440 but it seems I’m the only one who sees the internals as being identical…

I remember the discussion. Let’s not go there again. I don’t think we’ll ever agree :slight_smile:

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PCPartPicker Part List


Been lurking for a long time, first time post. Here’s my workstation setup in progress. Lian Li build is running a Ryzen 3400G while I wait for a Ryzen 9 59xx and Radeon 6800/XT. Given current stock levels, I’ll probably be waiting a while. Both PC’s are running Manjaro Gnome Edition.