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Official Post your PC guts thread!


agreed. especially at the bottom.Are you push/pulling through that Rad? It doesnt appear there are additional fans there... If not, what led to the decision to push air through the radiator vs pull? My personal experience with push has been poor, in the long run, due to buildup on the radiator face requiring removal of fans to clean. It cools fine, its just the maintenance that suffers. Similar issues exist with push/pull, but that's a cost you have to weigh with the benefit of extra airflow.

With all those intakes, and the open back, i have no doubt you'll be accumulating dust. I recommend you periodically check your radiator for accumulation.

Beastly build, man!


The top radiator actually is a push pull setup, you just cant see the top fans :) Dust isn't terrible, just gotta clean it every couple weeks or so. Bottom fans are mostly for saying that I have 10 fans, haha.


Its a bit dusty


that dust.. you monster


Okay fellow tech dudes, this one is a little different.

Background specs:
Case: Phanteks enthoo evolved
CPU cooler: NZXT Kraken x62
Fans: thermaltake premium riing fans

Alright so I bought me a pack of 120mm TT riing fans (newer model). I wanted 2 packs, but micro center only had one. So I ordered another online.
My dumbass ordered 120 mm instead of 140 which is the size my rad supports.( Keep in mind that these will be running low rpm and I have noctua running push formation on the rad from the other side. TT fans are for looks and air flowhelp)

So I can just run to the micro center and return the 120mm fans and order 140 sets from TT while trying to work something out regarding the 120 fans that will arrive today. However I can only run 5 fans like this 2 top, 2 front, one exhaust because case limitations (360mm is max supported fan size)


just return the one pack to micro center and hang onto the 120 mm pack that comes in today and order a 140mm pack as well from TT. But now I'm forced to run 3 120s at the top, my aio rad at the front with the 2 140s and the 1 140 as exhaust. Alternatively I can do 3 front 120s and 2 top 140s as well. This would group the sizes closer to each other so that you can't really tell but...

Basically I'm inclined to do the second thing but I want to know if it'll look stupid. Would the size difference be noticeable?
Any help would be greatly appreciated


The new main rig.


The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion
What is your current Micro-ATX/Mini-ITX case?

Newly built:

EDIT: I realized it's too dark, let's do another.


until i move this Ryzen rig into my HAF XM its on my "test bench" of sorts lol.


That first shot, green light on black, structured metal, looks like something inside a borg ship.
I like it.


Introducing my new Linux/RetroOS PC

Looks like I won Miss Universe.


Maximus VII Hero
R9 390 (x2)
16GB DDR3 2400MHz
Soundblaster ZxR
....and stuff.


That... HURTS... me...


Is that tube on the front rad really that milky or does it just seem that way on the photo?


Yeah, its because the water temps were getting pretty hot when I just had the front rad for both GPUs and the CPU. The tube going from the pump to the bottom GPU is just as milky. I plan on re-doing all the tubing once I upgrade to Vega.


Ryzen Built:

Processor : R7 1700
Motherboard : Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5
Ram Corsair 16 GB, also ordered 32 GB Adata
PSU Corsair HX 1000i
Graphic Card R9 Fury


I was a corsair guy once.

Then I took an arrow to the knee.

But once upon a time, I too wanted to include as much corsair as possible into my build.


The ultimate insult to me was when they started selling a 120$ piece of plastic with glued up foam on the bottom and people praised it.
The press have jumped over each other to praise this piece of [email protected] plastic for 120 [email protected] dollars...
Not to mention most of their great products are just rebranded products from other companies...

@moderators, may I have a title of amd fanboy and corsair hater, just so people know?


Watercooling is more difficult and time consuming than I anticipated.



Getting closer to completion. I still need to paint the GPU's to color match.


So I took apart the GPU's and attempted to paint them to color match: