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Official Post your PC guts thread!


Realized I never actually posted my PC in here, thought I had.
Here she is, a bit dusty sorry

4790k @ 4.7ghz @1.31v
MSI Gaming 6g 980ti @ 1470mhz @1.2v
MSI G45 Z97
16gb 1600 mhz HyperX Savage
250gb 850 EVO
2tb WD Green
XFX 650 Gold modular PSU
Soundblaster ZX sound card

Cooled by:
Triple 45mm Alphacool nexxos
D5 vario pump
XSPC Raystorm CPU block
EK full coverage MSI 6G block
More fans than any sane person needs (3 Enermax Magmas 75cfm, 3 EK vardars (radiator fans) 110cfm, 1 phanteks 50cfm, 1 NZXT 140cfm)

(you may have noticed i'm having the same coolant problem as Jayz2Cents, Mayhems pastel is a PITA this is my second batch)


My main machine in its current state, next to an actual shoebox.

Xeon E5 1650 V3 at 4.0 GHz, cooled by a modified Noctua NH-C14
32 GB (2x16) Crucial Registered ECC 2133 MHz
500 GB Samsung 840 Evo
Silverstone SX600-G 600 W
Ncase M1

I’m happy with it. Still waiting for a 1 TB M.2 NVME SSD and a truly 4K-ready single graphics card. The 1650 will go well beyond 4.0 GHz even on air, but this mild OC keeps it cool and quiet.

It’s designed to be minimal and portable, but powerful. No optical drive. No hard drives. No liquids or pumps. No case fans. Two sticks of memory, one SSD, one PCIe card. It’s a workstation. It’s a gaming rig. It’s tiny. It’s silent.


samsung have released a 1tb m.2 ssd sadly its part of the evo range and only 500 read/write.

im sure i read on tomshardware that someone else is releasing one with 1500mbps

(samsung are supposed to have the 1tb version of the 950 out this year)


So, my last build is gone (post 911) with a 6300 and other stuff, here is my new build

i7 5820K @ 4.5GHz, MSI X99A SLI Plus, 16GB Kingston Fury, G1 gaming 970 (maybe 980Ti soon) Fractal Design Newton 600W R3, H100i, Enthoo Pro, 129GB Sandisk SSD, 240GB BX100, many other drives


This is my budget 1080p build, I'm not rich by any standards so I've done the best with what I could afford really...

Intel i5 4670k @ 4.2GHz, CoolerMaster Nepton 240M, 8GB (2x4) Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz, Kingston 240GB SSDNow, Corsair AIR240, Oldschool CoolerMaster 600W PSU, Gigabyte GTX960 G1 Gaming 2GB, ASRock Z87M Extreme 4, Gigabyte GM-M6580X, Logitech K290, Razer Goliathus 2013 Extended, Kingston HyperX Core Headset, Acer 2ms 24" LED Monitor.


Same build but new case, BitFenix Pandora ATX


Wow that build is very very clean, impressive!


Hey this is my Gaming PC build I am planning on building this very soon. Is there anything I should expect performance wise or anything I should change? Here is the PC Part Picker List. Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. "Build Link"


Not my PC, rather my friend's PC. Nothing spectacular.

Specs in case someone is interested.

i3-2120 + NH-U9B ([email protected]~1150rpm > AIDA65 CPU load high 50's)
Asrock B75 Pro3-M
2x4GB DDR3-1600/C9
Superflower Golden Green 400W
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
Samsung 830 64GB
WD Blue 500GB + 1TB (5000AAKS + 10EZEX)

It's a rig I built for him back in late 2012. Transferred from my old CM Centurion 540 into Bitfenix Comrade.
All in all not a bad case but the price point shows. He was on a strict budget, throw in the wife factor and a need to get the case quickly...only case at the time that ticked the boxes.

I'll put my ramblings behind a spoiler :D

If I have to mention something, it would be the pointless and fubar cable routing hole for the EPS12V cable. There's no way you can fit a regular 8pin cable, or 4 pin for that matter, through there because the motherboard completely covers the hole, meaning the cable would be squished beneath the motherboard. If you'd manage to fit it, end result would be unnecessary stress (bending) for the motherboard, stripped threads on motherboard mounting screwholes or maybe even damaged cable or any combination of these three.
Even a flat sleeved cable would be tight. And then there's the fact that you'd need to remove the whole fucking motherboard to remote the cable! PR images don't even have the CPU power plugged..
Along with the hilariously small amount of space behind the sidepanel, only the fat ass 24pin was required to almost fully congest the small space behind there.

Oh well, I'll have a look at it somepoint these next few weeks and shuffle things around. Of course I wouldn't need to as it's fully functional but the current cable routing just pisses me off. Mainly the SATA cables and they're a bit funny behind the sidepanel because of the 24pin. I can do better.

There were a couple of upgrades to the rig though, the big one being the GPU. From HD 7850 1GB to a GTX 670 2GB. Eagle eyed among you probably notice it's the same 670 I have. Well had, we swapped GPU's so I got his 7850 + some euros.

Also bigger 250GB 850 EVO for boot + programs and another HDD for more storage.
We pondered whether he had use for the previous 830 Series 64GB boot drive. Not really but I figured we should do something with it, it's hardly even used.
In the end it was configured as a dumping ground for Windows's Documents/Downloads/etc folders along with virtual memory. Because why not. Of course he can throw a game or two in there if he needs to.


my open case. its getting old now

need to find res. and placement. probably going to a smaller and horizontally placed


That looks industrial AF. I like it! Is the res just sitting on the table? I suppose it's not but the angle makes it look that way! :D


FX-8370E @ 4.6 Ghz 1.38v
Gigabye 990FXA-UD3
8GB G.Skill 2133
Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970
Corsair H60
Corsair TX-850
3x Kingston 120GB V300
1TB WD Black


yea... ill have to take a picture of it when its sitting off my desk. its practically hiding behind my monitors. i just like it bc its very very light weight. easy to take with me to some of our techy meetups


A10 7850k iGPU @900mhz
EVGA 2133 Ram
CoolerMaster T2 cpu cooler set to 50% min
RaidMAX Sagitta case with 450 watt duel fan PSU 28A on the main rail. Molex only.
19" Emachines monitor from 2009, Vista certified


This thread was dead, until now.


What is that case? The HDD cage design is something I haven't seen before. Or just completely ignored...


Corsair 900D


Yup... As i said...

This case, however, cries for more stuff inside it... Not sexual... OK, maybe just a little... No, not sexual...


The free space is all about provision for water-cooling.