Official Post your PC guts thread!

Old board out

New board

And in

But there will be more to this when the bracket for the D14 arrives


I was about to say… :upside_down_face:

The black components almost look misplaced in that system, especially when there is more beige and brown to come. Green PCB would round out the military style way better, I think. (I know, pretty much doesn’t exist for consumer stuff anymore. Was just a thought. :wink: )

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I am not so concerned with how the insides looks at all, I look at my monitor not my components.

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Yeah, same. And I almost never comment on looks either. It’s just so rare to see something that isn’t unicorn vomit infested monochromatic crap these days. :wink:

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That’s true, but I must say as not a fan of the rgb stuff I will be a little sad to see the AMD cooler go, it does look good and actually works quite well. But the quieter sounds of the Noctua will will out and the hopefully better cooling.

The only part I really care about looking decent is the case.

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Dell Inspiron 5675
Ryzen 7 1700X
32GB DDR4 2666
2x 256GB M.2 SSDs
2x 250GB 2.5 SSDs
2x 2TB HDDs
Seasonic 520W.

Been a good machine to me for these last three years. Has seen a lot of upgrades obviously. Next step is getting rid of the stock Dell 92MM fans and putting in 92MM Noctua fans.


CPU: i5 8600
RAM: 16GB 3000MHz
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
SSD: Evo 860 240GB(or 250, I can’t remember)
HDD: Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM
PSU: Integra M 650W 80+ Bronze

I had to remove one of my storage drives from the system so I’ll probably get more storage as the next upgrade. Second would probably be either CPU for video editing and rendering or GPU for VR.


Hello peeps this is my first post and my first and last build. I have all the parts. except the M.2 hard drive, (supposed to arrive Tuesday July 14,2020. I’ve been planning this build for years but a recent setback in my health has pushed me into now or never mode! I hope I get it together before I croak. My grandsons are going to get it afterward. I had to buy what was available here recently. (ACK human malware!) I am 63 in hospice for COPD, they gave me 6 months on March 1,2020. I feel good, no pain, but typing fast makes me winded lol. I wanted the new “meshified” Lancool II. I had to settle for the Lian Li Lancool II in white. I wanted a Gigabyte X550 Pro… never in stock. I was forced to get the motherboard that will still be here after the heat death of the universe. (Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master) But I digress… Wish me luck I’m praying I didn’t already fry the gigabyte RX 5700 XT. It was the first part to arrive. I installed it in my 2009 Asus 5, 5 1/4 interior drive capable skyscraper tower. It got really hot fans spun but nothing on the monitor…I hope I had the right wires hooked up and didn’t use a spare cpu power wire for the vga…eep. I am pairing it up with a Ryzen 5 3600 for now, hopefully the 3950x will come down in price after the 4000’s launch. I included a link to the parts on pcpp…but I guess you can’t? I must have read the rules wrong…I’ll post it on my profile. Have a great summer! Brett


The list looks good to my knowledge at least. Definitely make sure that you don’t plug the CPU power to GPU. I wish you the best of luck with everything!

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They should be keyed so they cannot go into the wrong sockets. So hopefully it is fine.

You will be able to post links at some stage, just new users it is disabled to stop spam bots registering users and posting links right away, give the moderators time to catch them.


My old pc is so old, 2008. I think it is PCIE 1 and my new graphics card is PCIE 4. I may have burned up $463. My monitor is just the first version of HDMI. I’ll find out Tuesday or Wednesday, when I bench test everything together. Before I install it all in the case.

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Nevertheless everything should fit together.

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Let the fun begin! Fed Ex, Imma be needin dat Sabrent 1TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 …tomorrow…tomorrow…cries in i3 - 550


Yay me! It passed the bench test, installing windows.


I love it! I scored 3585 on my first cinebench20 run.On Heaven Benchmark it scored 5704 with FPS 226.4. All I changed in the bios was to enable XMP. I’m too much of a fossilized newb to mess with the advanced page.



The unicorn :unicorn: only barfs when I play music! :rainbow: :notes: :guitar: :l1: :thonk:

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Step 1: misread instructions

Step 2: realise cooler will be facing the wrong way

Step 3: ???

Step 4: profit

Got a whole 50-100MHz extra with the better cooler. Now occasionally hitting 4.2GHz in GTA 5. I should really sit down and tune it properly, not OC really just manage voltages and see if it will self boost further.


My build from 2 years ago…

Ryzen 1600, Asus B350, 16Gb, Corsair Case and PSU