Official Playstation Announcement Live Stream

Because you made this statement. This implies that there are some PS3s that can play PS1 games and that those are more expensive. And that is incorrect. ALL PS3s can play PS1 games. Even my slim, directly from disc.

It was just a correction.

I was also including the ps2 part as well; ps3 to ps1, so that does limit it down to what I was meaning.
Anywho I just want to see what the system will look like and then ill be happy, but its a shame this event was more little details and less major things for consumers to ready for.

Ooooohhh, you meant the full span of playstations, “FROM PS3 DOWN to PS1”.
OK, now that makes sense. I didn’t get that at all before.

Yeah, a couple things were interesting I think. I mean, 5GB/s (at least) is quite a drive. Even PCIe4 SSDs are not quite at those rates I think. Also the focus on positional audio is something I am very excited about.

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will be interesting to see how games adapt to that but I hope the engines will be able to manage slower systems if they intend to port their game to pc