OFFICIAL Non Official Ello Username Thread!

*Put in web based software because I couldn't find social networking*

Hello everyone! At the moment, Ello sucks because no one is on it. It's gaining popularity but I've noticed that it's still hard to find yourself a community to make the site worthwhile. 

If you haven't joined already, you can grab an invite code from this Teksyndicate thread:

So now to the point, if you want to be friended by other members of the community, then POST YOUR ELLO USERNAME HERE!!!

Together we can give the site meaning!

My username: @tasmainia300

Haha perfect, just talked about this thread being needed


What is social networking? 

Yeah, I saw that right after I made it xD

idk, I just thought there would be a category for social network sites and that it would maybe be called social networking or social networks?



Everything I say is meaningless.


not big surprise heh


I'm there as well and can give out invites if anyone wants one. Just PM me.



i do enjoy the minimal design. reminds me of livejournal

NSFW on bros