[Official] Devember 2022!

RepoRoulette: unprepared code reviews to an audience of peers.


I have a blog/website of MD (markdown) files. I previously used Hexo to build that into a static HTML site. Try to automate the build + publish of this into some sort of pipeline.

Throwing my hat into the ring, for second year in a row. I didn’t figure to announce my project in the Devember thread last time, or to finish it in time. Let’s try to do better this time:

Umium - the universal data modeller

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My Devember project is to make a complete and playable game on Roblox.
I’ve helped my brother design a few, but have been very hands off with actual code.

This time, I’m coding everything.

Link to thread: Devember: Making my first game... in Roblox

i’m a bit late to the party but i’m a aplied computer science students. which means dabble in microcontrollers and such. my plan is to get an microcontroller attach ed to a adressable rgb led strip to show the current state of my unraid server(first 20 leds represent cpu usage, second 20 ram and third ) igpu usage when transcoding.

i’m currently storing all this information in influxdb and i thught it would be easy to extract that information using the influxdb arduino llibrary. however while writing to the database is fairly easy reading from it is a absolute convoluted mess of classes and parameters. will so i’m using mqtt and a python script as a means of communicating betweend the database and the microcontroller i’ll post a video when i have it working

good luck everyone

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Hello. Long time tech lurker. New dev looking to participate in #devember2022 . I am going to launch a website. I can’t post links.

Minimal Viable Product - Launch a website! - Community Blog - Level1Techs Forums

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Hey everyone, I dont really post here as i dont have the mental capacity for online forums (SORRY)

But here is my devember project, I’ making an overengineerd golang site and api template with database, authentication, html templateing, server side rendering (smth like nextjs) and more.
It’s honestly just a passion project because I enjoy overenginerring.

My devember project is to build a dockized internet health logger and monitor with python for collection of data, MongoDB for storage of data, and Angular for displaying graphs based on said data.

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Final days are here. Get hyped!

Or panic?


Porque no los does?

I don’t understand what you’re asking and it isn’t because it’s spanish.


Why not both?

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Ah ok. I did not comprende “does” properly.

Indeed, both though as I am trying to button up several things at once.

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Oh… I just now realizing autocorrect have corrected the dos part to does…
That’s what I get for using mobile…

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Oh yeah, I thought you were writing spanglish like “why don’t you do it” or something.

In any case, new commits coming today and tomorrow to my project!

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I am excited to announce that I am continuing with my Ticketing System project. I was working on it all through Devember (not everyday though) and its in an Alpha state currently. I still have some housekeeping to do but soon I shall post links.


Unfortunately, I think my final Devember commits will have to wait until tomorrow because I have to go to a business dinner. Possible they will come tonight, but depends on my intoxication level…

Running idempotence test now :eyes:

vagrant snapshot pop --no-delete arch-current debian11 freebsd13 openbsd7 rocky8 centos7 && ansible-playbook -i inventory test.yml && ansible-playbook -i inventory test.yml
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Could you add Rocky 9 to the list too? :innocent:

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Hey 'yall! I’ve released the source code for my Devember project:

That being said, when will these projects be reviewed, and will my upcoming changes still count? I assume so, and will keep working on my project. I still have some TODO items left, you know… :stuck_out_tongue:

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