[Official] Devember 2021, Welcome!

I made it long winded and official. The RPG character maker is now… a thing I must do. Also got official permission from the rest of the team.

Project post: [Devember 2021] RPG Character Sheet web application

And for those of you scrolling this far down, here’s an image of my programming buddy, Archimedes. Enjoy.


My Devember project will be to build an automation to build several versions of the Blender bpy module (ideally something like bpy-lts-full, bpy-lts-lite, bpy-nightly-full, bpy-nightly-lite) and automatically upload them to pypi.org.

Forum Post Link: [Devember 2021] Blender bpy module CI build automation

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Day 1 of Devember lets go! :fire:


I’m back again for Devember! Oh, it already started a month ago…
I’m not sure how much I will commit to this, as I my main project right now is 3D printing related, but I have set some low goals which I intend to get done and then I might do more if there is time:

Basically I just want to get my feet wet with compression algorithms.


Hi shall give this a go, got a small idea of something interesting (maybe) to build

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This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. My Smart home interface sucks.

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My first Devember project is a feature page for the Level One NFT in a horrendously overengineered way.

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My forum post is linked below. My submission is for a neat little web app that shows how a programming language is parsed from input → Lexer → AST → Parser.
This is a continuation of a longer-running project which is a bit outside the scope of Devember, but the web app is my submission.

My goal personally is to learn more about how programming languages work under the hood, so I can become a better programmer. My goal this Devember is to build a project to help share this knowledge.

Forum Post:

Git Repository:


I will be developing a “game engine” for poker with the goal of learning Rust and serving as the first component of a bigger project.

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here is my github repos habbis (Eirik Habbestad Helleve) / Repositories · GitHub


I’m a software dev by day and mostly work with back end stuff and things which means my GUI-fu is kinda limited. I want to make a little app that tracks, logs, and displays system info like temps, load, and which processes are eating the most CPU time. Will add github link soon.

EDIT: Can we have more than one Devember project? Second project is a remote control of sorts using HTML and ASPNET core to send keystrokes to your game. Much like Game Glass, but with no client app on you phone of tablet needed.

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Forum post: Devember 2021 - Linode Powershell Module

My Devember project is to create a Powershell module for interacting with the Linode API.

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My devember project is to write a nice Java library to interface with the LCD display over an I2C PCF8574 8bit I/O expander.

My project is on github: GitHub - eitch/pi4j-testing: pi4j-testing

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I’m creating a browser based puzzle game “MEANdEr” where you can rotate tiles to recreate the shapes of quests

Link to my post [Devember2021] MEANdEr - a browser puzzle game

At this time the game can be played in singleplayer and has about 45 unique quests


I missed the fact that we were supposed to reply to this thread with out Devember projects. I’m creating a caption manager application in C++ to tag image on the hard-disk with an extended description/caption and some additional info.

The code for this project is in my Github repository: GitHub - inakleinbottle/caption_manager.

Have fun :slight_smile:


About Me: I’m a grad student at Oregon State University studying machine learning. I enjoy creating random projects. Here’s my github: khlam (Lam) · GitHub

My Project:
My project is to update my old discord music bot to be compatible with the new Discord API, and I’m adding fun functionality like a robust Text-To-Speech inference model to create dynamic audio stories.

Project Repo: GitHub - khlam/parrot at dev

Forum Post: [Devember 2021] Discord Music Bot + ML models

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I’m building a containerized Bup backup server, with a web front-end to manage backup jobs. I can’t share links in my posts though, so I’m having trouble adding a topic for it. :sweat_smile:

Edit: the permission gods have smiled upon me! Here’s the post: [Devember 2021] Dockerized Bup backup server

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I am making a PowerShell script with a GUI to help manage devices in our MDM.

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I am posting here incase the judges miss my post (its christmas, so they might be busy with their new presents or toys).

I am not going to post a link to the Linode server this is running on as all that will do is get people banned :slight_smile:

(That said, if they judges wanna view or test some stuff I will accomodate them (via PM).)

Forum post: 12 plugins of Christmas

Github link:

I call it the 12 plugins of Christmas.

I started working on updating the drupal 8 plugin and adding a drupal 7 and 9 plugin. I then expanded to make plugins for every thing I can find that runs on FreeBSD and could use a TrueNAS Core plugin.

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