[Official] Devember 2021, Welcome!

I give it 60 minutes of trying before I brick the tablet.


My Devember project is a distributed web crawler. This is primarily a means for me to learn about how best to design, develop and deploy software across multiple machines.

Link to post: [Devember 2021] - Distributed Web Crawler


Nitty Gritty Gentoo Project!!

My Devember project is to create a custom Distro based on a GentooStage4 tarball, using Gentoo’s Release Engineer tool, Catalyst. I have a few concrete goals for this project:

  1. A working build chain going through all the stages (seed, stage1, stage2, stage3, stage4, livecd1, livecd2)
  2. Usable stage 4 tarball
  3. Usable liveCD that can be used to install the stage 4

Stretch Goals:

  1. Website to host the tarballs and ISOs
  2. installer saved to livecd to install Gentoo using stage4

[Devember 2021] Custom Distro using Gentoo’s Catalyst


TV Lockout mechanism

Project Link: here

TL;DR Stay on track with your fitness program or get put in the penalty box (no TV).


Trying to enhance my skills in the low-level area of things with a bit of crypto and rust learning thrown in for good measure


I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn the open source Godot game engine so I started a very simple 2D puzzle game (forum thread).

It’s neat seeing everyone’s creativity.


Tsk tsk. I’ve been naughty by creating an open source crypto wallet for Devember:


Am CS student, know a bit of Python and C. I dislike Youtube’s removal of the dislike button, so I decided to make my own.

Edit: whoops, replied to the wrong post. Oh well


My devember project is to create a server and client for listening to audiobooks with the ability to keep track of position in the audiobook across devices.


form post Linux Admin class Final Project

I am an IT student that has a final group project do for Linux Admin class.
I am hosting a server for my group to do the project easier than if we had our own VMs.
ps Yes this is lame but this is a good change to learn Linode hosting


My goal is to create a FUSE mount client for Tahoe-LAFS, a decentralized networked filesystem.


Been wanting to work on (AND FINISH) something interesting on my free time for a while now but haven’t had the driver or motivation to do it, with this year’s Devember I hope I’ll get something done.


Forum Post: Devember 2021 - Quick Music Sampler - Development / Code - Level1Techs Forums

Just a regular guy who enjoys coding and trying to escape my current grind.

App Objective: Speed up the process of sampling new music and creating playlists.

Will post website link when up.


My topic: A web based real time view of amateur radio communications

I recently got my amateur radio licence and would like to expand my radio radio by combining my interest in digital modes and skills in programming.

My demo page: https://m1.x0r.uk/digiradio-v/
My github: https://github.com/x0r9/digiradio-v
L1 Dev Blog: Digiradio-V

My project is to build a simple digital station that will have a web portal showing what packet radio stations I have picked up on. Think of it as a raspberry pi wired up to a modernish radio rig.

It’s like a more personalised version of aprs.fi but could run just locally when using radios when portable and without an internet connection.


So for aprs.fi I suggest you grab the data you want and use the OpenStreetMaps API.

Let’s goooo! :fire:

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If anyone wants to be fancy, I found out you can embed html badges of your pipeline status onto the forum. It should update in real time but I think a page refresh would be needed because I don’t think the forum constantly reloads images in the background.

I.E Here is my pipeline from my self hosted GitLab.

Repo Branch Status
devember2021-ui master Gitlab pipeline status (self-hosted)
devember2021-api master Gitlab pipeline status (self-hosted)


Another one signing on, thread’s been up for a few weeks though. :kissing:

Forum Post: [Devember 2021] Architecting a TTA Processor Core

Digital hardware design guy here, the goal of this one is to design and build a hardware demonstration of a simple 16-bit processor core. It’s been one of those pet project ideas that I’d never gotten around to putting on paper until now.

Time’s gonna be tight to get a PCB spun up and delivered, but I think I can pull it off.


Forum post : [Devember 2021] GTK4 Connect 4 app using radio button and rust

Attempting first Devember. Hopefully it goes well.

(will update more info as I myself discover it)

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Got bored and decided to facilitate XNO (Nano) donations online.

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