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[Official] Car Pictures/Videos Thread


My idea for swapping passenger car batteries worked like this. There is saying that 'Racing improves the breed'. Many car innovations started in racing like disc brakes and rear view mirrors.

I was thinking, What if Tesla had swappable battery stations? If a standard electric slide in battery standard was made, you could drive in, a robot pops out your dead battery and slides in a charged one. Each car would have 2 or 3 medium sized batteries under the floor.

Beats sitting around for an hour to get a normal battery charge.


You sure that's not a 56? I'm pretty certain the 57 had different trim, particularly on the fin.


rip ford



Like what tesla wanted to do?

Anyway. Weather is getting nice again. Get to start taking this out more.


My GF doesn't drive and I found a place where I can give her a lesson.


every f1 racer's start



was it awesome?


I made my PT promise to give me a ride when he finished building his Cobra Daytona Coupe.


Its always awesome. Twice a month all summer. Usually around 100+ cars. One day last year had over 200 cars show up. We fill the parking lot every time. Spill out onto the street and even into the parking lot across the street.


Shit, yes it is a 56 lol. I even knew that so not sure why I put that oops.


Is Jay virtual, or is he reality?




Oh ... My beautiful thread... my baby ... I cant take care of you.. wahhhhh lol



LOL nice


A guy on Jay Leno's garage took a Dodge truck frame with a Hemi engine and built a VW body for it.
Everything is scaled to 140% and had to be made by hand.


I love the paint job.
Every flower is hand painted using nail polish. It looks fun in person.


Oh boy is this great!