Official AMD Keynote thread!

This is for the livestream that is to be held at 2PM PST.

With Commentary:


Pinned till tomorrow morning.


How many hours to go?

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5 :00pm eastern, 2pm pacific

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Okay, 23:00 on my local time. Thanks dude!

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AMD is gonna bring the pain!

I have no idea what timezones you guys are in ?

TVs atm

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So much marketing bs… I might not make it ,Captain !

Must be hell sitting in one of these…

Damn it ! I was watching that :crazy_face:

I swapped it for the official one… RIP

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67minutes oh boy!

Toyota is creeping me out.

I want a toyota sienna. I have a honda odyssey but I am a minivan enthusiast.

You are not watching the toyota super creepy world. Google will hop all over this.

wait, it is in 30 mins, not almost 2 hours?

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Have a dell laptop thing and then amd.