Official 5870 specs revealed

The official specs have been revealed for the 5870 as well as the 5870x2.

Here is the link:


It seems that the rumors I posted a few days ago were spot on.

Can't wait to pick up my 5870.

Was that tiny thing supposed to be a penis?

Cant wait to grab me one of em 4800 cards when the prices drop

Will probably be getting this or the 5870x2. :D

I'm thinking about getting a 5870X2 with my money from my summer job, but it seems like overkill because my 4870 does me fine.

Yeah hopefully prices are low for competition...just thought about that. Probably won't be getting the x2 since they are usually 500+ at launch.

Xezmer wrote 9 minutes ago »

Cant wait to grab me one of em 4800 cards when the prices drop

Thats just what I was going to say lol

Cant wait for those new 5xxx cards. Going to swap my 4870 for a 5870.

@Xezmer, Doctor A 4870 is already so damn cheap lol 150 euro's... but still it can go down even more I gues.

are these offecial?

Specs tells me nothing... It's when the bench tests are being released you can really see if it's good or not.

i hope the 5XXXs dominate the 3XXs

no way they will
with physx
you never pick ati.
i hope crysis 2 will have it
then nobody is gona buy ati
im such a nazi :)

Yeah specs don't really give me the tent in my pants, if it's not a major improvement i'll stick with my 4870x2, but you never know, it might be the greatest thing ever, which will then give me back my tent.

Are the new 5xxx series going to use MIMD architecture?

That is one fast video card.

That is one fast video card.

I was just thinking that. I'd just get two 4870X2's rather than this. Lol.