Office 365 vs Office 2019?

To make it simple I want to know which version is better? I know they are the same but what I understood is that:

Office 365 = For multiple devices and priced at 70$ as a yearly subscription.
Office 2019 = Lifetime Subscription for 1 device only.

Which one would you choose and why?

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what is the cost of a sub for local?
is it like $200 for 2019, and it will run as long as you want it, where as the rented one is $70 / year, but always updated, until you stop renting?

I guess you would save money by buying as rarely as you feel confortable with? if the local version lasts 3 years or more, you are making profit?

Unless you have several devices?

I don’t use it much myself, so I go for free or cheaper alternatives (not as good, but much more affordable)

At work, my workplace went for licencing of local version. I think we’re on the first version that brought in the ribon bar?

I found it priced at 60$ for the Office 2019 version and it’s a lifetime subscription, I own 2 devices and I think I need to install it on both.

so 2 devices will cost me 120$ for the lifetime subscription.

while Office 365 will cost me 70$ a year.

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also if it is a business expense, isn’t it tax deducatable, so better to use the rolling one, as it is effectively free?

well, the matyh aint hard then? you would go local to save money?

As for better… at the moment they are more or less the same, but the local will stop matching features, but won’t cost more.

365 offers 1tb of online storage. Also because 365 is a rolling release, you always get the latest and greatest while the desktop version is just a snapshot of the 365 version. So based off of that, I would go for 365. Even tho it is $70 a year. I like the online storage, and always having the latest stuff.


Where do you live where it’s $70 a year?

$99.99 in the USA

Edit. For personal it’s $70. For home it’s $99

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Yeah I’m planing to go with the personal but I’m not sure if I’m going to like the cloud sync etc.

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I use Office 2019 at work and Office 365 at home/school.

As discussed above, Office 2019 is basically just a singular version of Office whereas Office 365 is a continuously updated version of Office for as long as you have a subscription. Office 2019 won’t have much of any updates other than security and bug fixes, Office 365 will have new and modified features added over time and cloud storage in addition to the security and bug fixes. In terms of functionality I’d say they are 99% the same, the biggest differences I see are in UI, which is still overwhelmingly similar between the two.

If you need/want the cloud storage Office 365 is the better choice. If you don’t need/want the cloud storage then just get whatever is cheapest over the planned course of use.

As a mobile phone user, I prefer office 365, on my old computer I still have MS office which shows Microsoft office error 30034-4 and it makes things rough for me.