Office 2019 will be Windows 10 ONLY

Time to move to LibreOffice if you can’t get Windows 10 LTSB.

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Good, windows 7 support ends a year after this comes out and everyone should stop using it because 10 is better



How are people surprised. I could have called it from a mile away. They are going with win 10 even if it kills them


Don’t really see how this is an issue.

You can still keep using Office 2016. It isn’t going to suddenly stop working. You have 8 more years of support there. Windows 7 support ends in 2020 as it is.

Libre is there too if you really want to use an ancient os and don’t mind having a subjectively, imo significantly worse, office suite.

As it stands by this time even more productivity apps and office tasks will be done with cloud based systems like Google Docs making office suites and the underlying os they run on increasingly irrelevant


Average consumers are not affected, but hospitals, schools, and small businesses running legacy gear are not going to be happy about this.




Will be a tough choice. Most of them will probably end up like CERN with WinXP machines hooked up to the detectors.

If they’re running legacy gear I’ll go ahead and say they can’t afford a ms office upgrade anyway. And those who need old operating systems for specialised systems won’t be using newer office either if at all. This will have no effect on hospitals, schools or small businesses.


So all the people on OSX will be forced to stay on old MS office or move to Libre Office. I think this is stupid decision. If you want to make more money you should make your product available on all the possible platforms.

I can see this is all about the captive audience.


Well IDK what the deal is now, but it used to be that if you were a hospital or a school, you could have a special account with MS and get massive discounts. In particular cases, things like MS office was actually free.

I assume/hope the same thing is true today.

So what happened back then was that we had laptops that could not be updated to windows vista, and we couldnt budget for new laptops at the time. But we were able to keep getting updates for office and that sort of thing for basically free.

So it was kind of a unique situation, but it s not all that rare .

Pretty sure they are talking only about windows side. OSX still will receive 2019 version.


IT managers will have to replace older machines that don’t work with Win10 LTSB since it only works with specific silicon. That’s going to cost so much.

It’s not unique at all. Your not going to lose office, Microsoft have well defined support lifecycles, your not suddenly going to lose office in 2018 because you don’t have the new version, and because they have well defined lifecycles businesses have time to budget things like upgrades etc. Into their costs.

This isn’t an issue, and that’s not even including the extended support some governments get.

Already factored into any good IT department. Equipment lifecycle management should be right up there with software and licensing. And this won’t affect anyone for a good number of years anyway, by which an equipment refresh has already or is about to take place.


At home Libre Office is fine and at work well. How many workplaces are windows 10 and Office 2019 anyway.

well thats pretty silly but whateve, tbh I want to see if I can transfer my office 2010 from my laptop I used in college to my newer PC, if anyone knows then your help would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:


My employer provides a laptop. I use it for work only, not even browsing these forums.
Don’t care what’s on it.

Libre office works well for me at home. No complaints from the wife either.

Whatever is the case I will not be buying it. Pigs will grow wings before I fork over £150 for something I barely use. And I’m pretty sure MS office works even when it’s not activated.

On old hardware and why it doesn’t matter:
If a machine can’t run Windows 10 it is too old to be useful. Enterprise and professional environments aren’t running LGA 775 and other ancient hardware. Companies aren’t picking PC’s out of the trash or off eBay. They are buying from reputable manufacturers with set support and upgrade cycles.

Speaking more specifically on LTSB, not every enterprise PC is running it. It is designed for POS machines, medical and control equipment, machines that generally do one specific task, ect…None of these machines are going to be used for Office work and making spreadsheets… Normal clients aren’t using LTSB they are using traditional Pro or Enterprise licenses so it doesn’t matter. Even so I believe it is only when moving forward do you need a new version of LTSB. It should work on older hardware so long as you have a version that was out at that time and again we aren’t talking about ancient stuff.

Seems quite a few people are seemingly trying to rationalize their hatred of Windows 10, MS and anything non open source but let’s try and keep it realistic…


Office for Mac is total trash anyway. Not sure why you’d want it