Office 2016

So the preview for office 2016 is out. Be warnesbot requires office 365 but they are giving a free trial to test it.

I will give it a look tonight.

I still don't understand the use for word and excel on a tablet or touch based interface. One note, power point and maybe this new sway app could make sense. But the rest just seems like a less efficient version of a tool that works just fine on a desktop/laptop. I was under the impression touch devices had been designed for media consumption and visually creative content creation, why does everyone want to turn them into office machines?

Then again I suppose I am a dinosaur when it comes to all this modern stuff so maybe I'm way off point.

Might have to give it a whirl.

Also I guess adding value to touch devices through software changes is a good thing and I don't oppose it. Just can't get my head around why an office jocky wouldn't just use an ultrabook!

I had seen Sway listed on my list of web apps recently but didn't quite understand the use of it and couldn't be bothered to look into it at the time because I was looking for something else.
Now it actually makes a lot of sense - embedding videos and the like onto a presentation seems a logical step forward, compared with generic slides on Powerpoint. Has anyone had any real hands-on experience with Sway?

Office looks like it just had another revamp, akin to 2010 vs 2013. The addition of touch versions is good though; that'll make working with them on a Surface a lot nicer without having to go straight for a mouse/trackpad.