Office 2013


I had a look at Office 2013. the bright white color burned my eyes. I think Microsoft were going for minimalism, but it looks amateurish. could you make a almost not terrible video about office 2013 like the one you did with windows 8?

their web-browser has always been crap, but Microsoft did have two great products: windows and office. now they are ruining both! somethings really wrong with Microsoft!


yedah, they're really desroying their best products....

I've been using office 2013 for a while now. Didnt really find it to be bad. Felt like the same old same old to me.

I just saw pictures and thought god my eyes.

do you have to emulate touch moves like you do in windows 8?

You can change the shade in the RTM version. This was left out of the Preview.

Default white:

Light gray:

Dark gray:

Yeah but


Im using it on windows 8. Haha.

Dark gray is the only aceptable one. still, it sucks. loosks to spartan. why is it that microsoft has started to force stuff upon people?


That's your opinion, not fact. I've been using Office 2013 every day for the last two months and I don't mind the white at all.

Perhaps because it was the office suite I learned on but I still like my 2003. I have copies of 2007 and 2010 but I guess you can say I am old fashioned.

The best thing about Word 2013 is the Skydrive integration...

there was nothing wrong with the menus in 2003 and the versions before that.

I spent a long time readjusting to 2007.

what I think is problematic whith the menus in 2007 2010 and 2013 is that they use tabs for menus. the trends a lot of other software developers is heading for is using tabs to switch between documents in a single window. microsoft has been missing out on this. i think it should be in as many programs as possible.

I would respectfully disagree. Having multiple documents in a single instance/window makes it difficult to bring up a specific document with a single click. It also makes it more difficult to quickly display multiple documents side-by-side. It can be great for saving space on your taskbar if you have ~10+ programs open at a time but I don't usually run into that problem.

When it comes to web browsers I completely agree with this point of view, I like having every tab in a browser represented by a single instance/window on the taskbar.

then you detatch it like you would in chrome or firefox.