OEM vs Retail

To Wendell, Qain, Logan and Community

I know a vast majority of us are system builders and most would give two damns less about this issue but it hit me at work today that we (as a retail sales person) are not allowed to sale OEM to average Joe. However they can just pull it off any retail site, have the discount for it and be done with it.

So my question is how much legit trouble could we (system builders) get into for buying and using for ourselves. Has anyone done this before because I have done it and probably will many a more times in the future for my public and private customers?


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OEM versus retail what? Are you talking about operating systems?

There's no trouble in buying/using/selling an OEM copy. The only problem is that OEM copies are supposed to tie themselves to your motherboard.

Who is Quin?

It used to be you had to buy a motherboard to be able to buy a OEM os'es but now everyone sells them i dont think microsoft cares much because thay offer no support for OEM vershons of windows all tech support for oem vershons of windows (apart from enabling windows due to a motherboard replacement if fulty) is down to the builders.

OEM = you fix it if broken (the builder)

RETAIL = Full microsoft support.


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