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Hey everyone!

I am looking for a as-cheap-as-possible modern GPU to use as a display out for my VFIO setup.

I started looking at used RX 550/560 cards but they seem to be really overpriced right now, at least in Europe.

Then I stumbled upon these:

Has anyone messed with these things?

Are they missing features that regular AIB cards have?

Do they have any problems running in non-OEM systems?

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They shouldn’t be missing any features and should work fine in anything. I would expect they might not clock as well or run as cool as an aib, but at that price point I guess it doesn’t matter.

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Cheapest 550’s I have seen in the states is over a hundred bucks. Close to what refurb 1060’s go for.
Bunch of positive reviews on google
Wish I could help more

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