Odds of micro-ATX X370?

Have we seen anything regarding micro-ATX x370 boards? I would love to use a smaller board than the Taichi...But I want the better power delivery for overclocking and the dual m.2 slots...

I see we have some B350 mATX boards with dual m.2 but the power components aren't as good on the ones I saw. Also not a fan of the onboard audio or it only having 4 Sata connectors.

Ideally I wish I could find basically a Taichi board with all but one 16x PCIe slot lopped off to make way for other things on the smaller board.

Reference: https://www.amd.com/en-us/products/chipsets/am4

Unlikely. X300 is most likely to be found on ITX boards.

Just to be nitpicky, the chipset really doesn't have anything to do with power delivery. There are X370 boards that have good power delivery, like the Taichi, but there are also ones with underwhelming power delivery, like the Gigabyte Gaming K5.

One also has to watch out for the speed of the M.2 slots. I've noticed that a good portion of dual M.2 boards have one PCIe 3.0 x4 speed slot and the second one is only SATA, meaning the second slot will not be any faster than a standard 2.5" SSD.

Anyways, we'll just have to wait and see. Part of me has a feeling that we'll be seeing more SFF boards in the future now that Ryzen is established in addition to the APUs coming out in the future.

honestly i'm most looking forward to x300, enthusiast centered and it sounds like it doesn't use any of the x4 lanes for the chipset so maybe mini itx with like 3 m.2s?

@w.meri Technically true, but in general, X370 usually has better power delivery than B350. Also those extra lanes would be ale to go to that second m.2 (for lack of other slots that would use them) on an mATX board no?

Even with the second m.2 in SATA though, I mostly want it because on builds I'm planning the m.2 would just be more convenient from a space perspective.

@Atatax True, I would actually like to see a board with a single x16 slot and a bunch of m.2 slots, however many they have lanes/space for.

yeah, exactly. And like nowadays they can put m.2s on the back of motherboards, so its not like they really even have to worry about space that much.

True, though I would prefer as many on the front as possible, as I am lazy. :stuck_out_tongue: