Odd voltage problem. Need help

So today I decided I was going to overclock my APU on my new motherboard (Asus Crossblade Ranger) and I ran into a really strange oddity. 

Whenever my CPU temperature (as read in AIsuite3) passes 46C my voltage suddenly jumps 0.05V-0.07V higher that it should be which is a fixed voltage + 40% llc. Now this problem has occurred even with llc off and I really want to know if there is something I am missing or if I am going to need to contact Asus and ask them. 

Any ideas?

The more heat the less efficient voltage is.  It's probably the board auto OC'ing to stay stable.  Also 0.05v is very small, I wouldn't worry unless you are pushing insane voltage already

And also - AI suite is crap - if you really want to check voltages use a multimeter.

Well I'm not terribly worried about it under normal circumstances but on my 4.6GHz OC I tried for, the spike landed me at 1.5V. I'm a bit iffy on whether I want to go to 1.5V or even try for a 4.7GHz OC

CPU-Z and OCCT were reading the same voltages as AI suite. And I was using AI suite for temperature because HWmonitor can't read the thermals right