Odd sounds from headset

According to my friends, whenever I plug my headset in the mic makes a weird whistling noise to them. I, personally, cannot hear it but apparently it's a constant whistle. I have tried plugging, unplugging, playing with system settings, and using my friends 3.5mm plug headset as well and the sound continued to happen on the other ends of the chat. 

Could it be a sound card problem? Would buying a USB headset solve the problem?

I cannot figure out what the problem is, and was curious if anyone has any tips or advice to assist me.

might be interference in the header wire for your mic port

Okay.. so how do I check this, or solve it?


make sure the header wires are not like rubbing against any other wires, except the other audio header



I would say your motherboard leads for internal sound card are not well insulated. Probably them hearing your computer running. Both an internal sound card, external sound card and usb headset would fix this. I recommend finding any Asus Xonar line sound card with a headphone amp in your price range. All are pretty great cards.

You're most likely getting interference from other components in your computer. A very cheap possible, not guaranteed, fix is putting a ferrite core on the microphone line to reduce the interfering currents.