Odd lag spikes with the R9 Fury

So I purchased an R9 Fury around xmas time. I haven't had any issues with it and I was impressed with its performance at 4K.
However, maybe a week or two ago I noticed I was getting patches ranging from 10 seconds to about a minute with severe FPS lag (maybe 10-15 fps) then It'd jump back up to around 60.
I disabled a few things and free'd up some RAM. Nothing changed, RAM wasn't the problem.
Turned down the settings (including textures). I thought I could be running out of VRAM. Nope, nothing changed.

What's going on to cause this?
Has anyone else experienced this with the Fury or in fact any other card?
How did your remedy the situation?

Tested at 4k and 1080p as well as plenty different games.

have you got msi afterburner installed? if not in stall it and have a enable the on screen info for your components to make sure its not the gpu overheating or your cpu bottlenecking also what cpu do you have?

Yep, been using afterburner for years, so useful. my gpu doesn't usually exceed 60.
I have an FX 8320 at the stock speed.

huh werid then have you updated your drivers recently?

Fairly recently, can't quite remember when. I'm all up to date though.

Could try rolling back to an earlier version of the drivers. This isn't in online games, is it? Because obviously a slow connection could cause issues.

Okay, I'll give that a go. Should I try third party drivers, do those still exist? ( I've been out of this scene for quite a while)
It occurs on both online and offline games.

what games are you testing in?

try running in border-less windowed mode -- if the game doesn't have that option, find a 3rd party software to force it into border-less windowed mode, something with amd cards not being optimized for certain games make them really hate the regular config.

Try ClockBlocker

Basically you can put your own rules for when card goes full turbo, for example I've set Firestrike to always turbo no matter what, and all games to turbo when in foreground. Its also possible to force downclock mode, like for browser?

In Overwatch my Fury downclocks and has constant 99% usage like it balances itself to that but with the boost on it goes like 97-99%. I cant notice any difference though but it seems like card just works like that.

Anyways, amazing tool to have these things in your own control.

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Holy shit, this actually worked!
I don't get any lag spikes anymore!
Thank you so much!

Cool, I really wish that the thing would have existed when MMO's were a thing but at least now fresh games and borderless fullscreens can be trusted to make cards behave right.