Odd convergence of reviews

Hi Logan.

I just noticed something very odd while viewing my YouTube subscriptions.  Four separate tech people  posting a review of the Corsair obsidian 450D at exactly the same time, and  similar with running lengths.  It just struck me as odd.

I thought I would get your opinion as to why something like that would occur, attaching a screenshot for additional clarity.


Here is how the world works. A company creates a new product and they want to get the word out. A few media outlets get early access but sign an NDA. When the NDA is lifted (this morning) all the media outlets can then post their videos, blogs, etc. That is why every tech channel uploads the same things on the same days.

Upvote this for visibility. People always seem so shocked and confused when this happens.

Direct quote from TekSyndicate's video comments.

Thanks, I had never seen that happen before, that explains it succinctly.